Outdoor Wedding These Tips Will Make It Perfect

The hype about getting married has grown immeasurably in recent years: Many couples find it increasingly difficult to decide how they want to celebrate their wedding. An outdoor wedding is popular – because it is magical and individual – and at the same time a problem child: What if the weather does not play along on the day of the day?Ultimately, there is a solution for everything – including bad weather. We reveal what you have to think about when planning your wedding outdoors and give tips so that the big day doesn’t even fall into the water when it rains.

Tips for your outdoor wedding

Hope for the sun, but expect rain

A wedding ceremony in the sunshine is magical – but a wedding ceremony in the rain can also be very romantic , especially if the rain cannot harm the guests, the food and so on. That is why you should have a plan B for an outdoor wedding : The best option is an alternative room or a tent in which you can sit and eat when it rains. During the wedding ceremony itself, a pavilion is not only practical for the bride and groom, but also very beautiful. For example, guests can use uniform umbrellasbe equipped – this is very useful not only in the rain, but also in blazing sunshine. How about a rain / umbrella as a guest gift? With initials and the wedding date, for example, it would be a nice and lasting memory.

The choice of the location is often not as easy as expected

Although a wedding ceremony outdoors is theoretically possible anywhere, the reality is somewhat different in practical terms: Outdoor wedding locations are also booked months (if not a year or longer) in advance. In addition, registrars and pastors are not allowed to hold a wedding ceremony wherever they want – only a free wedding speaker is that flexible. Also important: the background noise! Are there neighbors in the immediate vicinity who could be disturbed by party noise, or can the wedding ceremony of street noise or something else be drowned out?

Human needs must not be forgotten during an outdoor wedding

Even at a wedding, human needs have to be catered for – this starts with easily accessible and well-kept toilet facilities and ends with the adequate supply of seats and drinks. A wedding on the beach or in the middle of the forest is conceivable, but it also has some logistical problems. For example, not every chair can stand on any surface without problems and high heels are also not compatible with lawn or sand: Be sure to inform your guests about what they need to consider with their clothes!

No party without electricity

The wedding location must somehow be supplied with electricity – not only for the music and the further entertainment program – there must also be ways to keep warm and / or cool for the food and drinks.

Outdoor decoration and lighting

Candlelight is very romantic, but it may not be enough outdoors. And a decoration that blows from the table with a breeze or can be completely destroyed by three raindrops may not provide joy for very long … A little tip: If you work with elements that are provided by Mother Nature anyway , you are lying too thematically right.

After the party – where are the guests?

Weddings can and should be celebrated and drunk properly. Very few guests are still fit to drive after such a break. Since locations in the open are not usually in the middle of the city with perfect transport connections, the way home for guests must also be considered : Is a taxi affordable or are there overnight accommodations nearby that you can inform about in advance on the invitation cards?


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