Outfit Ideas for a pear-shaped body

If you have a curvy body then you must have an apple-shaped or a pear-shaped body. Having a pear-shaped body means you have curvy hips and thick thighs. If you know what your body shape is you can easily find outfits that will flatter your natural curves. You can be tall, short, heavy or skinny everybody can have a pear shape. The key to balance your body proportion is to wear something that will flaunt your top and shoulders while making you look good. Try not to bring attention to the bottom half of the body.

Avoid wearing colors that are light, because they will make your body look heavier. Try colors that compliment with your body, add bold and dark colors like black and blue to your daily wardrobe. The main goal is to slimmer the bottom while focusing on the upper body. You can always try on fun prints and colors that can add an element to your outfit, make sure you go for the right neckline and do not wear something that will make you look messy and stuffed up. Just make sure that you do not draw unnecessary attention to your bottom.

1. Go for off the shoulder tops

Draw the attention to your top, which means adding outfits that can highlight your upper body will help you look slimmer and balanced out. Go for off the shoulder tops, this will give your shoulders a lot of space and will draw a lot of attention. You can add jewelry to it if you do not want your neck to look blank. You can try with gold chains or even chokers, anything that goes with your outfit.

2. Try different prints and patterns

Trying on different prints and patterns will help you experiment a lot with your dressing sense and improve your style and fashion sense. Go for tops with wide sleeves this will add volume to your arms and shift the focus from your hips to your upper body. Try wearing shirts, kimonos or shrugs anything that will help you balance your shape. You can choose vertical stripes that will create an illusion that will make you look slimmer due to the vertical lines.

3. Avoid light colors

Avoid colors that make your body look heavier and bigger, wearing light and dull colors will make your body look heavy, so opt for colors that are dark and will hide your extra fat from getting visible. You can opt for color slike black, blue, green, etc since these will make you look a little lighter and slimmer.

4. Add layers

Everybody likes adding layers to their clothes, you can definitely add more pieces of clothing but do not overdo it as it may work in the reverse direction. Your entire outfit may undergo a major transformation if you know the right way to add layers. Try on jackets and blazers or even coats with your regular outfit, this will help you up to your style game and at the same time will help you hide that extra fat.

5. Experiment with different necklines

Trying on different necklines will help you know what looks the best for you, try on necklines that will flatter the right area of your body.

6. Avoid details at the bottom

All of us love adding a little embroidery or patch to our jeans or skirts or pockets but this may not help you and might even worsen your case. Adding details to the bottom will dram all the unnecessary attention to your least flattering areas that is the lower body.


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