Personal Shopping – Online Advice For Fashion Aficionados

The Internet has changed the way we shop and what we shop for over the past 20 years. While shops for the latest styles used to be visited, you can now go on a shopping tour from the comfort of your own home. The Internet has revolutionized and differentiated the fashion world. And personal shopping is an innovation that came out of it.

What is personal shopping?

If your shopping behavior is determined by brand loyalty, you can browse the online shop of your preferred brand at any time and order new favorite items directly to your home. As a fashion pioneer, for example, are you interested in Japanese designers? A digital trip to the Far East and the development of trends that are still unknown in Germany can be achieved with just a few clicks using a smartphone. Online shopping undoubtedly has many advantages. But the now incalculable number of shops and brands as well as the high frequency of fashion innovations and collections can also be overwhelming.

In a retail store, the staff is at your side to advise you, regardless of whether it’s cuts, sizes or the highlights of the season. In this regard, personal shopping is (also) an answer to the digitization of the textile industry. Because with online shopping, alternatively referred to as curated shopping, you get support from professionals. In the personal shopping portals, such as Outfittery, Zalon by Zalando or Kisura, competent style advisors provide you with individual outfit suggestions that are tailored to your needs and preferences.

Good to know: Personal shopping as a concept is now also conquering other areas. Upscale is a Swiss portal, for example, which professionally helps you with the interior design.

Who is the target group for personal shopping?

Big in business

You are fully occupied professionally, lovingly maintain your hobbies and spend a lot of time with friends and family. Accordingly, there is little leisure for shopping. In addition, you don’t feel like overcrowded malls anyway and you don’t want to sacrifice your precious energy to surfing in fashion online shops. Nevertheless, it is important to you that you cut a good figure in the office and in your free time. If you find yourself in this description, Personal Shopping is for you. You delegate the task to people who actually have an idea of ​​the matter. So you can invest your scarce resources in things that are really close to your heart.

Welcome to the Jungle

For you, fashion is a book with seven seals. You have no eye for color combinations and cuts. You wear what was out five years ago. In short: your wardrobe is a barren desert in terms of aesthetics. No problem! If you use personal shopping, you trust experts. They guide you through the brand jungle, protect you stylishly against fashion accidents and find the best possible styles for you.

Passion for fashion

You are a fashion victim. You express individuality with your outfits. You are always looking for fresh ideas and have a strong awareness of trends. Then personal shopping is guaranteed to serve you well as a source of inspiration. For you, curated shopping can also be an exchange with like-minded people who help you to broaden your fashion horizons. The style consultants will suggest culottes that you always thought would not suit you. At home, you try on the pants and find out with surprise that you are madly in love with your new skirt. “Thinking outside the box” is never wrong!

How does personal shopping work

In general, the employees in fashion stores offer spontaneous purchase advice as a service and help you find your way. There are also shops, such as Garhammer, where you can make an appointment and choose a style consultant who is only there for you during your subsequent visit on site. Or you can book a stylist who offers an all-round carefree package. This includes checking your wardrobe, type advice and a joint shopping tour.

The pros and cons of personal shopping

The advantages and disadvantages of personal shopping are more or less obvious. If you belong to the target groups mentioned, you should definitely try the individual advice. The respective style advice, delivery and return are free. This also applies to voluntary subscriptions. So you don’t commit yourself long term or have to pay extra fees. You can get vouchers from all the portals mentioned as examples by recruiting friends. The connected magazines and blogs provide information on current trends and give practical styling and lifestyle tips.


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