Pieces Of Clothing That Look Stylish And Get The Best Out Of Your Figure

Fashion that emphasizes your advantages and in which you simply look great? We found it! Here are seven pieces of clothing that look stylish and get the best out of your figure.¬†Of course, we should feel good in our skin – even with a few extra kilos. But let’s be honest: we want everyone to be in the perfect light. That is why we are showing you seven items of clothing in which every woman looks simply stunning and which even make them look a little slimmer. Maybe you already have one or two styling wonders in your closet.

1. V-neck blouses

A single-colored blouse with a V-neck ( shop at Amazon *) is a real figure miracle and is particularly flattering for women with large breasts or wide shoulders. The tapered deep neckline sets the scene of the cleavage and at the same time stretches the upper body, which makes it look slimmer overall. You can achieve the same effect with a simple shirt by simply leaving the top two buttons open.

Basically, all clothes that emphasize the vertical body line are great. This includes not only blouses with a V-neck, but also dresses with a button placket or pieces with vertical stripes. Also pay attention to the right length when choosing your top, because that’s often the reason why we look much wider in some parts than in others. Longer cut blouses, tunics or kimonos that reach over the hips make a great silhouette.

2. Straight jeans with a high waist

THE insider tip for a great body: jeans with a high waist! Because the high-cut models immediately conjure up endless legs, a narrow waist and, on top of that, a nice butt. Models with a dark, even wash and straight legs have the greatest slim-mach effect. Unlike high-waisted skinny jeans that can be applied quickly, the straight cut conjures up slimmer thighs.

Styling tips: High-cut jeans look particularly great in combination with short crop tops or shirts that end at the federal level. Flowing blouses also fit great – however, longer-cut tops should always be loosely tucked into the waistband at the front so as not to destroy the high waist effect and to make the waist look narrower.

In addition, if you have narrow shackles, you should roll up your jeans. That stretches!

3. Wrap dresses and draped models

Are you looking for a dress that looks stylish, can be combined in a variety of ways and also optimally stages your figure? Then you should definitely get a wrap dress or a dress with drapes.Wrap dresses make a slimmer waist, stretch the chest area and ensure a flat stomach thanks to the flowing fabric. In addition, the upper body looks less bulky due to the V-neckline that results from the winding. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it?

Tip: Make sure that the dress is made of a somewhat firmer fabric that beautifully plays around your curves. Thin, elastic materials only apply in addition.

4. Slightly flared midi skirt

A slightly flared midi skirt in an A-shape is perfect for covering up the problem area ‘stomach-legs-buttocks’ and thighs. If you also put the top in the skirt hem and wear the skirt at the waist, you get the perfect hourglass figure. The skirt length is also decisive for the slimming effect: the hem should end at the narrowest part of your legs. For most women, this is just above or just below the knee. For small women, the following applies: Shorter skirts that end just above the knee stretch particularly well.

5. Marlene pants

Marlene pants are not only extremely popular, the extra-long pants also do a lot for our figure. The high waistband visually stretches our body and the wide cut hides strong legs. Models with creases in combination with high heels have an even greater effect. Styling trick for small women who want to cheat themselves a little bigger: choose pants and top in the same or a very similar color. As a result, the lower and upper parts flow into each other and this makes them bigger.

6. Black dress

A black dress is an absolute classic in the closet and definitely worth an investment. Not only is it elegant and timeless, it also makes you slim immediately. The dark color cheats the figure narrower.


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