Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal: 7 Things to Consider

A marriage proposal is arguably the biggest step you can take in a relationship. Because with this question you not only confess your love to your counterpart, but also that you are ready to spend the rest of your life together. Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect marriage proposal and every person thinks differently when it comes to romance. However, we have put together for you what you should always consider when planning !

Be absolutely sure

Before you summon up all your courage and ask the question of all questions, you should be absolutely sure of your cause. That said, the relationship should be going well for both of you . You should also have spoken about your future together and clarified where you want to live, whether you want to have children and whether you want to get married at all. If you both have similar ideas about your future and you feel comfortable with each other , then you can take the next step and plan a marriage proposal. Whoever of the two of you proposes:

It is an absolute basic requirement that there are no unresolved conflicts flaring up within your relationship or that there are perhaps one or the other secret that could quickly make a marriage impossible. So pay attention to each other and, if possible, talk about the subject of marriage in general before you rush something!

Take enough time

Many people quickly rush to get married and get engaged in a very short time. Especially at the beginning you are so in love and full of emotions that you are simply not yourself. And that’s exactly why we would advise against getting engaged in the first year . Because a marriage should ideally be based on love and not on being in love!
According to a Parship study from 2019, a majority of 36% percent think that the right time to propose marriage is after 3 to 5 years. Only 25% would be ready for this in the first one to two years. Of course every person and every relationship is different – but an engagement should always be well thought out. In addition, the relationship should definitely be suitable for everyday use before taking the next step. So if you don’t already live together, you’d better wait a little longer before getting married!

Observe your human being

If you’ve been together for a couple of years, you’d think you know each other inside out . However, before getting engaged, you should check whether your favorite band, favorite restaurant and other preferences have not changed over time. So take enough time to get to know your partner again so that you hit the bull’s eye with your application!

  • For example, you can watch romantic films together and pay attention to the places where tears flow and which are perceived as totally ridiculous.
  • Or you sit down somewhere during a stroll through town, watch other couples and gossip a little. In this way you can quickly collect a lot of information about likes and dislikes , which you can use for your own application.
  • You can also ask about the engagement and marriage of your parents or tell about it yourself and perhaps approach the topic unobtrusively. Here you have to get a little creative and design everything inconspicuously according to the motto “purely out of interest”.

Spend a lot of time together

Before getting engaged, you should spend a lot of time together . Not only to meet the preferences and tastes of the partner when proposing, but also to be sure that you really want to marry the person! In addition, this also increases the chances of getting a positive answer to the marriage proposal. Because the partner notices that you are trying hard for each other and, as a result, how well thought out the marriage proposal is.

Rift through old memories

Sometimes old children’s photos or film recordings are a real gold mine when it comes to the necessary inspiration for an application. Depending on which type you are, you can, for example, set up a funny scene from childhood and surprise your partner individually. Or maybe one of you used to have a pet, a special toy or other item that can be seen over and over again in photos and that makes your proposal something special. Your first days together should also be recalled on this occasion. Where did you first kiss? How was your first vacation and how did you get to know your families? With such information, your application will certainly be a lot more personal and your sweetheart will certainly give you credit for your effort and detective work !

Ask the closest people about their preferences and wishes

Especially when it comes to the right ring , friends or siblings of the future can often find out more inconspicuously on a shopping trip than you can. You have to be very careful here so that your project is not passed on. Because there is probably nothing worse than a long-planned surprise that is no longer a surprise because someone is gossiping. So if you have secret friends , you can initiate them and ask for help, otherwise you better stay away from it!

Be completely yourself!

If you are not the greatest romantic either, then it is a little exaggerated to arrange 100 red roses for your love or rent a glider that puts the question of all questions in the sky. You should plan an application that suits both of you and does not overwhelm anyone. You don’t have to memorize a long text or quote from a poem to impress your counterpart. Because a marriage proposal is best if it comes from the heart and is meant honestly. That means: just say what you feel! And don’t worry, a little nervousness will only make your proposal more romantic .


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