Quick Fix Hairstyles For Office

A pant/skirt suit with a lovely chiffon shirt from a super expensive brand, a very formal laptop bag, well-manicured hands, pumps, subtle make-up, and accessories. Yes, you are ready to attend that “big meeting” in office. In another scene, a pair of not so skinny navy denim, a multicolor turtle neck top and a casual matching blazer with boots, gets you ready for a “normal day” in office. You have many different ensembles sorted for your “go to work” stigma. Most essential thing which you never miss to carry with you is the confidence, and that passion for your job, adding another compliment in your beauty.

What so ever comes the way, it is a must to define your everyday look for the office, enhancing your personality, for who you truly are. Office is the place where you spend the entire day working on your laptop screen or attending back to back meetings. Though all the clothing and accessories looks are sorted always, but we do miss taking time out for our hairdo. Be it’s a meeting or a regular day at the office, most of us avoid experimenting and spending time on hairstyles. The last option left is an everyday regular hairdo which you know will be OKAY to get past the day. To be frank, a well-kept hairstyle adds huge confidence quotient in the looks of a person.

To keep you professionally ready and make you more presentable, we hereby got some of the basic hairstyles with twist variants to sort the issue under five minutes.

1. The Twisted Ponytail

Our childhood sweethearts the Ponytails. No mess just a band, two folds, and whoosh, the magic happens. All the unkempt hair are in one loop. What we want you to do is just twist it a bit, yes just weave few hair strands from the temple area of your head and tuck them at the center of the ponytail. To give it a formal ponytail look, keep the tie-up in the middle of the head. Give it a settled look by tying it low at the back nape with center or side parting. Be inspired by celebrities and go for one messy high ponytail, collect all your blonde color hair only by fingers and tie them up a bit higher than regular.

2. Our favorite smart-looking Buns

Those headache giving tight buns with lots of pins are time taking, but what about just getting a readymade hair twister and making a French loose bun, directing one side of the head. It is a few seconds job, keeps you mess-free. Another idea is to go for half-bun. The technique is to tie half hair from the top in a bun with the help of a band and leave the rest of them loose, basically, nothing comes between your eyes and your screen. You also have a not-so-formal option of side loose bun and low bun at back nape.

3. The blow-dried simple partitioned hair

If you are pro at handling open hair in any situation, go for these two simple yet effective hairstyles. First, do a side parting, go for the natural direction of your hair, as the opposite side makes you look party-ready. The natural direction of parting gives you a sleek look and very professional. Keep a small bunch of hair from the dense side falling on the shoulder. Second, make the center parting and keep hair wavy at both sides on to the shoulders. And how to do it without killing time is just use your palms and fingers to keep twisting them at the ends whenever you get a chance.


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