How To Reuse Old Bangles To Make 3 Things At Home

Reuse old bangles by using your imagination and creativity. Bangles are part of a woman’s attire and they are used even in the earlier civilizations. Bangles are attached to a history of various cultures and traditions. Today, these items are worn as part of style and fashion. Women can’t get enough of these items and they tend to buy bangles impulsively. Many women consider bangles as part of their accessory and they love to wear them to complement their attire.

There are different types of bangles and each one come in a different price range depending on the materials used. Women buy many kinds of bangles as part of their collection but what happens to these bangles if they are not worn anymore. You can give them away or store them in a box together with your unused items. What if you can reuse old bangles and give them a new purpose.

Uses Of Old Bangles

Bangle Diya

Use glass bangles and stack them above one another. Cut a cardboard that is the same size of the bangle and use it as a base. Use superglue to stick them all together. Fix the light candle inside the cardboard and you have made a beautiful Diya. You can use it for various occasions,
including festivals, birthdays, and social gatherings. Photo Frame

It is better if you use colorful bangles to give your frame a nice appearance. You can even use broken bangles. Glue the bangles to a cardboard and use your creativity to make a unique and beautiful picture frame. Once finished, you can place a picture at the center of your masterpiece and hang it on the wall.

Choori Bangle Lamp

If you have lots of multi-colored glass bangles, you can make a lamp out of it. All you need is a hanger, colored bangles, and a small bulb assembly. Cut the bottom of the hanger and insert the bangles. Secure the opening that you made to the hanger so that the bangles will not fall from it. Insert the light bulb assembly in the middle and you now have a unique bangle lamp.

Bangles Pen Stand

If you want to make a pen stand, the process of making it is the same as the bangle diya. You can use any kind of bangle for this. Stack as many bangles as you want to make a more attractive pen stand. You can even use bangles of different materials to make your bangle pen stand unique and more personalized.


If you are not using your bangles anymore and you do not think of using them in the future, it is better for you to reuse old bangles and give them a new life rather than storing and forgetting them. There are many do-it-yourself projects that you can do and try out. All you need is a little creativity and the determination to start your project. There are certainly many uses of old bangles and you can have fun while doing your projects. Make bangle items and ask help from friends and family. This can also become a good bonding activity that is lots of fun. It can also enhance your creativity and ingenuity. Reuse old bangles and give them a new purpose.