Rock Fashion, Our Favorite Pieces Of The Year

New year – new rock fashion. If you want to celebrate the start of the fresh decade with fashionable highlights, you can’t avoid the current skirts. Will the models from last season hold up to the fashion check again this year? We took a close look at this year’s rock fashion and introduce you to our favorite pieces. Raise the curtain for skirts of all lengths.

Mini, midi or maxi? This year’s rock fashion is so multifaceted

A look at the catwalks of Paris, New York and London already raised high expectations last year: the midi skirt is making a comeback – and banishing the cycling pants back into the closet. A fashionable development that will cheer fans of feminine looks. Because the half skirt is anything but androgynous. With its medium length, which at least exceeds the knee and extends at most to the middle of the calf, the half-skirt underlines existing curves. But less curvy women also benefit from the half-length trousers: If you choose the slightly flared A-length, you can conjure up a feminine and flattering silhouette in no time at all. And best of all: thanks to the moderate length, the skirt is extremely office-compatible – even in more conservative industries. A good reason to take a closer look at the midi skirt with its stylistic diversity.

Rock around the clock: the midi length is so changeable

The midi skirt is a true all-rounder: depending on the model and styling, the half skirt is sporty, romantic, playful and even sexy. So print and cut have a big influence on the effect of the overall outfit.

Top rock fashion: pencil skirt for the office

Probably the most popular skirt in the shorter midi format is the pencil skirt . The slit skirt that narrows down covers the knee and ends shortly after. Thanks to its length, it is a true office classic that looks just as good with a blouse inserted as it does with a simple black shirt and blazer.

Legroom: midi skirts with slits

Its medium length does not suggest it, but the midi skirt can also be sexy. The half skirt gets that certain something through a slit – either at the back, at the back or at the front, which is particularly popular this year. So that the whole thing is not too daring, the recess should not slide too high towards the crotch. Optimally, the opening ends about five centimeters above the knee. Whether you choose casual denim or fine finely woven cotton depends entirely on your individual preferences.

First class cuddly skirt: pleated

Can it be a little more romantic? Then pleated midi skirts are your go-to! This year, the pleated skirt with a satin look is once again more elegant than last season. The fine folds and subtle sheen create real wow moments that can be styled particularly well with pumps and a tight-fitting turtleneck shirt. If you love playing with opposites, you can go for the rough leather jacket with a biker look, which ensures a casual break in style.

War of the buttons in rock fashion

Don’t panic, we’ll be at peace. But buttons play an important role in this year’s rock fashion . Because together with patch pockets, they complete the so-called utility style, which not only makes leisure looks an eye-catcher. Equipped with noble buttons in horn optics and in light sand colors, the whole thing is suitable for the office. Noble leather boots and a fine knit sweater provide a serious counterweight.

Leg flatterer: midi skirt in A-line

Skirts flared down are true leg flatterers – especially for women with stronger thighs. The A-line plays around the curves and draws attention to the waist and calves. Especially when the skirt sits a little higher, a tasteful 50s look can be conjured up that evokes memories of Mad Men and Grease.

Wild animal print skirts

Whether leo, zebra or peacock: animal prints have survived the last fashion season and are now encountering us in midi-length skirts. How do you best style the animal-trendy companions? With a lot of understatement. Animal prints are real eye-catchers that can quickly appear overloaded. You should also refrain from making Leo too revealing. In combination with muted colors, tops with a turtle neck and no slit, the skirts with a striking pattern achieve a stylish effect.
Rock meets polka: a duet of a special class

The polka dots – points in all possible variations – are a holdover from the past year. Last year, large, small, thick and thin dots adorned the fabrics of dresses, pants and skirts. Nothing will change this year either. Polka dots provide a feminine and playful touch that can be seen both in the office and in leisure. A dotted midi skirt with a blouse looks serious and chic. A half skirt with polka dots, t-shirt and white chucks is the ideal outfit for a walk through the park to enjoy the first rays of the spring sun.


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