Rock Your Gym Looks Like Jahnvi Kapoor

Jahnvi Kapoor is another emerging face in the Bollywood, she made her debut with “Dhadak” for which she got a mixed review. There are many people who love her daily workout looks and take inspiration from her. Jahnvi Kapoor is slaying her gym looks and fans are going crazy about it. You might have noticed that the Instagram is flooded with the gym looks of her every morning. She opts for basic wear that is easy to carry and is affordable too.

We know celebrities spend a lot of time taking care of their body in the gym, of course, they work with different characters and each character demands a certain type of body. So they have to keep working hard to maintain the shape and figure. Jahnvi seems to be very much dedicated towards her work and workout sessions, she never misses a session and this gives the paparazzi a great opportunity to click their pictures. So if you are someone like us who is drooling over Jahnvi Kapoor’s gym looks and want to take inspiration from it then there you go, we have a list of her best looks-

1. Shorts set

Jahnvi is very much like us and keeps it casual and light, she mostly opts for shorts and tank tops for her gym look. It is no secret that she loves gymmingsnd doesn’t like skipping a session, no matter what. The actress has been spotted multiple times wearing her favorite shorts and she pairs it up with tank tops and jackets. She wears her slip-on and carries her favorite pink water bottle.

2. Yoga pants and t-shirts

Yoga pants are definitely something that is extremely comfortable, stretchy and is perfect for workouts. The actress was spotted several times wearing yoga pants and t-shirts but if we have to choose then her best look was when she paired white yoga pants with a white t-shirt. She looked casual and sporty in her outfit.

3. Shorts and hoodies

With winters and he chill in the wind we all like to keep it a little full and cozy and that the same case with Jahnvi, she paired her reebok shorts with hoodies that looked absolutely perfect for her pilate sessions. She has exceptional energy and loves to gym says her fitness coach. You can also go for shorts and pair it up with a great pair of hoodies to the gym.

4. Shorts and cropped tops

The actress was spotted wearing white shorts that she paired with a pink crop top, sh elater wore the same outfit and went to a lunch date with her friends. This look is also perfect for casual lunch dates and also for dance classes. We loved how she looked like a college-going girl with a ponytail and a side bag that she carried. Not only this she likes wearing crop tops and shorts for the gym and does it quite often. She likes to show off her midriff that grabs all the attention and makes her look absolutely sexy.

5. Yoga pants and bralettes

Who doesn’t like to add a bit of sexiness to your outfit, bralettes and yoga pants are something that makes you look absolutely sexy and stunning even when you are headed to the gym. The actress likes to keep it simple but never fails to add fashion to her outfits. she wore a solid yoga pant and paired it up with a beautiful bralette, this outfit flaunted her curves and made her body look extremely hot and sexy.


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