Sandals, Mules, Slingbacks! 6 Shoe Trends For Spring

They should be comfortable, but also trendy and chic and maybe a bit retro at the top: We knows which six trend shoes are right for you in spring 2020 and how they can be styled best.

Platform sandals

The “Ugly Shoe” hype may have flattened out a bit among the sneakers, but it is far from over with the sandals! Platform soles and Velcro fasteners are the A&O, because in keeping with the utility trend, the motto is: it should be sporty and comfortable! There is a fashion upgrade so that summer treads do not remind too much of the trekking sandals hated in childhood: The new models come with glitter applications or cool label prints. The espadrille style with raffia sole is also popular. The sandals work with a casual summer outfit in a batik look, as a break in style with a dress or as a complete utility look with overalls. An additional plus point: Because of the thick sole, the leg looks longer and narrower.

Strappy sandals

If you like it more feminine, you should get a pair of “Strappy Sandals” or “Floss Heels” this summer. The strappy sandals live up to their name: “Floss” is the English word for dental floss, an allusion to the extremely thin straps of the trend shoes. Even a narrow heel should not be missing for the perfect 90s vibe. This makes the delicate sandals less comfortable than the robust “Ugly Sandals”, but they are all the more elegant and enhance their outfit with their delicate lacing.

Caution: the foot is well dressed with the elegant shoes, but still almost bare. Well-groomed feet are therefore an absolute must. Above all, the combination of wide feet and “floss heels” can be problematic – due to the narrow footbed and the tight lacing, pressure points are pre-programmed.


Flip-flops have blossomed from the fashion sin to the trend part. In their new look, the flip-flops are no longer reminiscent of the brightly colored rubber treads from the beach, but look more like sandals in the leather version or with wedge heel than you would expect.

Nevertheless, due to the obligatory toe separator look, they somehow retain a sporty image. They therefore look best as a break in style with summer dresses or culottes, shoes are still not a good idea for sporty jeans or bermudas.


The slipper is now allowed to leave your own four walls and will even be quite elegant in the form of mules in spring 2020. This spring shoe replaces the classic pumps and provides a fresh look, especially in candy colors. And: In the trend shoe, our feet can recover from pumps that are too tight: instead of pressing the toes into the tips, the new, mostly square mules offer plenty of foot room – similar to slippers .

With kitten heels, the mule looks particularly elegant with jeans and is also suitable for the office with a blazer or blouse. For colder spring days, the combination with cute socks is recommended.

Ballerinas with style upgrade

Ballerinas have long been an absolute fashion sin, and don’t worry – the classic models with bows are not coming back this year either. In fact, the new trend kickers only have the extremely flat sole in common with the well-known ballerina shoe, the rest has (luckily) been completely overhauled. The typical ballerina problem, that you can already see the toes of your toes flashing out at the front, is finally history with the new variants, the updated version is high-necked, less cute, less round and somehow really elegant. Instead of the girlish bow, minimalist design or rivets and chains are now used.


After the “Strappy Sandals”, which we already know from the 90s, the slingbacks are now celebrating a revival – those elegant shoes in which the feet are only held on the heel thanks to a strap. This spring, spring colors such as pink or red dominate the shoe cabinets, the toes of the slingbacks may be pointed, and high heels are not used.

So that the slingback effect becomes visible at all, it makes sense not to combine long pants with a trendy shoe, half-length culottes or midi skirts are the better choice, otherwise the shoes look light like normal pumps or flats.


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