Scandi Style: This Is What Makes The Look Of Women So Special

Scandinavian women repeatedly demonstrate their flair for fashion with their looks. We’ll show you what’s behind the trendy Scandi style. If you scroll through the Instagram profiles of Scandinavian women or look around the streets of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Co., you quickly notice: Scandinavian women look damn stylish. So it’s no wonder that we not only copy the interior designs of the north, but also like to be inspired by the Nordic clothing style. But what actually makes the look of Scandinavian women so special? We’ll tell you what’s behind the trendy Scandi style and show you how you can easily recreate the Nordic look.

1: Scandinavians love clean looks

The scandy look lives from clean and minimalist clothing. Therefore, the most important styling rule in Scandinavian fashion is: less is more! The style of Scandinavian women is characterized by calm, calm and minimalist clothing without a lot of chichi. A classic blue jeans, a white shirt and a high-quality coat in a straight cut and the Scandi look is ready.

The shoes and accessories of the Scandi women are also relaxed and elegant at the same time. A pair of bright sneakers or, alternatively, black ankle boots in winter as well as individual, filigree pieces of jewelry are enough to give the Nordic outfit the finishing touch. Scandinavian women also wear subtle make-up and leave their hair unexcitedly open or tie it into a low-cut bun .

2: Scandi women prefer calm colors

Striking color and pattern combinations are rarely seen in the Scandinavian look. Instead, women from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Co. prefer to use neutral, earthy tones such as white, brown, beige, gray and black. They also love fashionable tone-on-tone combinations.

When bright colors and colorful patterns are used, they are always well dosed. Because with the Scandi style, several bright colors and different prints are never mixed together.

3: The Scandi style is timeless and classic

Scandinavians do not chase after every trend, but rather rely on simple basics. They can be combined again and again, are timeless and can be combined with new trend items here and there.

It is important to note that the basic pieces should fit perfectly and be of good quality. Because Scandi women attach great importance to high quality materials and cuts.

4: Scandi fashion is practical and casual

The Nordic style is not only timeless, but also one thing above all: practical. Scandinavian women prefer to be casual and prefer to wear casual pieces that can also be worn in everyday life instead of chic dresses and high heels. And prove that practical fashion can be extremely fashionable and stylish.

5: Straight cuts are crucial

Flounces here, ruffles there and even more nonsense there – not so with the typical Scandi style. Just like the colors, the cuts of Scandinavian fashion are reserved and clear. This can be, for example, a boxy cut sweater , a straight coat or a simple dress
In addition, Scandinavian women prefer to wear their clothes too loose rather than too tight. Keyword “oversize”!


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