Selling Used Clothing: This Is How You Get The Most Money Out Of It!

You mucked out your wardrobe, but you don’t know what to do with your old clothes? We’ll show you how you can easily resell used clothing. Hand on heart: Each of us has things in our closets that we either never wore, seldom wore or have not wore for ages. All that unworn stuff just takes up closet space. We say: Get rid of it! The only question now is: what to do with the discarded clothing? After all, throwing away is not an option! We’ll show you where you can easily sell your used clothes, plus the best tips on what to look out for when selling clothes.

Sell ​​used clothing online

One of the most popular ways to sell used clothing is through online second-hand shops. There are now a large number of platforms, including, for example, a girls’ flea market, eBay classifieds or clothing circles.

Clothes circle

Vinted is one of the most popular and well-known platforms when it comes to selling and buying second hand clothing . With partner networks across Europe, Vinted has around 20 million members. And that is exactly what makes Vinted so exciting, because due to the high number of users, your chances of getting rid of your rejected clothing are quite high.

In addition to selling and buying, you can also swap or give away clothes on Vinted. You can also exchange ideas with other users in the forum. All of this works both on the PC and with the corresponding app on the smartphone. Payment at Vinted is done through a third party. If you have sold something, the amount achieved will be credited to your “clothing top wallet”. However, only when the buyer has confirmed receipt of the goods. You can then use the money for a later purchase, for example, or simply transfer it to your bank account with one click.

By the way: For all mums among you: You can just as easily sell or buy baby and children’s clothing via the “Mamikreisel” platform.

Girls flea market

“Girls’ flea market” is also one of the most popular second hand platforms on the Internet. Here you can sell high-quality parts and designer pieces, but cheaper labels are also in demand. In contrast to Vinted, there is a fee for the girls’ flea market – at least if you have sold something (clothing is free). Because with a successful sale you have to give 10 percent sales commission to the portal.

It gets even more expensive if you want to use the concierge service. In this case, you send a package with all the clothing to the company: Everything else, such as taking photos and adjusting the clothes, is then done by the employees. For this service you have to give 40 percent of the sales price.

In addition, since the girls’ flea market does not have as many members as Vinted, it usually takes a little longer to sell your used clothes.

Zalando Wardrobe

The fashion retailer Zalando also offers the sale of second-hand clothing with the “Zalando Wardrobe” app. The special thing about it: You can not only sell your things to other Zalando users, but also to the fashion retailer themselves.

The marketplace works in a similar way to other common platforms: create a profile, upload pictures of the clothes and send them if they are successful. Anyone who sells their discarded clothing directly to Zalando is shown a fixed price for each item of clothing in advance, which is calculated using some information.

But be careful: sporting goods, underwear , swimwear The dealer does not accept basic shirts and worn out clothing. In addition, Zalando personally checks the goods again upon receipt. Within 14 days you will then receive a message and a voucher code about the value of the goods. There is no other payout. If the clothes cannot be sold, you will be offered that your belongings be returned or that the clothes be donated.

Vestiaire Collective

The French second hand platform “Vestiaire Collective” specializes in buying and selling designer fashion. The shop now has more than seven million members. What is special about Vestiaire Collective: All articles are checked for authenticity and subjected to quality control at the headquarters. This means that buyers can be sure that the pieces on offer are really designer pieces. Registration and use of the portal is free. Anyone who sells something, however, has to deduct around 30 percent commission, among other things for checking the authenticity. Vestaire Collective also offers a paid concierge service.

Good to know: Another online platform that specializes in designer goods and is comparable to Vestaire Collective is the “Rebelle” second hand shop.

Momox fashion

For all those who do not feel like taking care of selling their clothes themselves or who do not want to deal with individual buyers, the “Momox” platform is just right for them. What you have to do here: create an account, enter the type and brand of clothing and then send the clothing to Momox (the shipping costs are covered). Momox then sells your clothes to other second hand shops. The good thing: A tool shows you directly how much you get for the respective part. A dress from H&M, for example, brings you around 1.50 euros.For those who don’t Lusthave to take care of selling the clothes themselves or not want to mess with individual buyers, the “Momox” platform is exactly the right thing for them. What you have to do here: create an account, enter the type and brand of clothing and then send the clothing to Momox (the shipping costs are covered). Momox then sells your clothes to other second hand shops.

The disadvantage: Not that much money comes in through Momox, especially when it comes to cheaper brands. In addition, the items of clothing must be cared for – it may also be that the platform rejects your clothing. In this case you can have them sent back for money.

In addition to the special fashion platforms, you can of course also sell your old clothes on well-known second-hand portals such as Ebay classifieds or Shpock. Since the buyers usually come from close by, you usually don’t have to send the goods here.In addition to the special fashion platforms, you can buy your old clothes Naturallyalso sell on well-known second hand portals such as Ebay classified ads or Shpock. Since the buyers usually come from close by, you usually don’t have to send the goods here.

Shopify: Your own online shop

Another way to sell clothes online is to have your own web shop. This is super easy, for example, via Shopify. You open an account here, put your goods online that you want to sell and that’s it. To get more users to the site, you can, for example, share a link to your shop on various social media platforms. Selling used clothes at the flea market
Of course, you can also sell your used clothing offline – namely at the flea market. All you have to do here is to register a space for your stand in good time. They are often booked out very early. Taking product pictures, creating descriptions and sending packages is no longer necessary.

The nice thing about the flea market: You can communicate directly with interested customers and convince them of your things. Inquiries can also be answered more easily and quickly.


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