Different Type Of Simple Hairstyles For Girls Step By Step

Want to have a smart and simple hairstyle for girls? I am going to highlight different simple step by step hairstyles that not only will make girls look beautiful it will take a few minutes of your time to attain. These hairstyles are cute and interesting for they will make you not to keep on repeating the same hairstyle because it becomes boring. They can be used anywhere either for a wedding event, going to school or any party. Double knotted pony is a hairstyle that you can do quickly by separating your hair into two sections.

They using your hands you are supposed to tie this two ends into a low knot which is the first knot. Again on top of the first knot, you tie another knot. Then you can use a strong hair band or hair tie to secure the second knot and finally you wrap a piece of your hair around where you have the hair tie or rubber band to help in concealing it making you look beautiful. Another simple hairstyle for girls is called a twisted hallo. Cool as it sounds this is a simple step by step hairstyle that takes few minutes to attain and can be done when you want to go anywhere, and you don’t have much time.

You are supposed to hold a small section of your hair from one side of your head, and you twist it. To keep on hold of the twisted hair, you should have a pin to secure it in the middle of your head. Repeat the same process on the other side of your head and when you finish tuck it behind the first hair that you twisted and finally pin it in the middle of your head, and you are ready to go with such a cute and simple hairstyle.

There is also another hairstyle that you can rock out at any time you want to be called- easy intricate braid and as its name suggests it is easy to make. You are required to separate your hair into halves. Get hold of one side of the hair and braid it until you reach the ends. Braid the other side just like the first one and when you finish pin both braided hair together with bobby pins creating an intricate-looking braid. To secure the braids you can use a plastic hair band, but since the hair band will be visible you can wrap it with a piece of your hair to make it invisible.

There is also a simple hairstyle that can be done depending on whether you want a loose or tight outcome of the hairstyle. This style is called twisted, tousled waves which are a simple hairstyle for girls. It is done by twisting sections of damp hair either they are large or small depending on what interests you. For bigger one they will be loose and small ones will be tight. After twisting the hair, you are required to blast it using a blow-dryer by directing a lot of heat downwards to avoid ruffling of the hair cuticle which can cause frizz. When you follow this step by step hairstyle, then the outcome will amaze you.

Many girls like having their hair with curls to make them look beautiful. This is also a very simple hairstyle for girls that can be done fast. To have curls in your hair first you are required to secure the hair using an elastic which is covered with a fabric material and split the tail into the half. Wrap the half around a curling wand about an inch for some seconds. If your hair is the type that curls very fast you can do it in seven seconds. Repeat the same on the second side, and after you finish, you can let down your ponytail and separate the curls carefully using your finger. When you follow this simple hairstyle step by step, then you will never be disappointed. Have that beautiful and cute look using this hairstyle every time you want to go to an event all when you don’t have much time to make your hair.