Simple Tips To Look Classy And Attractive On Budget

Looking good isn’t that difficult after all. Yes, expensive clothes look good but you can also look like a million bucks without spending millions. It is necessary to know what suits you and dressing according to your body type. The best way is to pin down your personal style and try to work on that as much as possible. Try to explore new brands and find some staple pieces that will perfectly go with everything. The best time to shop for expensive clothes is when there is a sale. Usually there are a lot of sales during festive seasons.

Sometimes even after spending a lot of money, you do not get the results. One thing that you can do is observe. Check out instagram and other social media sites for getting inspiration. You can observe your favorite celebrity and try to get some dressing ideas from them. What suits on one person may not be attractive on you. A person’s height, complexion and body sculpt matters a lot to decide what goes well. One has to closely monitor the new trends in fashion and try them and take opinion of friends before spending fortune on it.

1. Knowing What Fabric To Pick

The type of fabric you go for will always matter no matter what. Mostly cottons, silk, linen or any natural fabric for the matter of fact will always look classy. There is what we call‘lustre’ to fabric. Natural ones have a polished look where as synthetic ones have an obnoxious sheen that you cannot tame down. Choose your fabric carefully.

2. Prints Really Matter

If you are planning to wear prints then choosing a good print is extremely important. Big prints are what you should be really avoiding at any costs. Big prints grab your attention in a very wrong way. They are not flattering and defiantly not eye pleasing either. Therefore going for small prints will keep the attention intact and will look gorgeous.

3. Investing A Little More In Staple Pieces

Staple pieces are your regular, everyday pieces that can be toned up or down according to the situation. Therefore investing in a good quality piece is really important. If there is a sale going on in good brands try to purchase as many staple pieces as you can.

4. Getting It Tailored To Fit

If you like some dress and does not fit you right? Get a little alteration done. If the previous size is too tight and the next size is too loose, try to buy the bigger size and get it altered as per your requirements. This way you look more chic. Getting something tailored to fit will always look good on you.

5. Taking Jewelry And Accessories Into Consideration

If something is going to add extra oomph to your outfit it is the jewelry and the accessories that you plan to wear with them. Finding appropriate jewelry is a big task but it is quite important. For everyday, go with something dainty and something you can easily carry.

6. Quality Over Anything

When you are on budget you can easily be deceived with the quality of the item. It is important that you take quality into some serious consideration. These days we find a lot of dupes for a product, a good quality dupe will always cost you a little more than than the usual but the lifespan of the product will surely be more.

7. When Having An Idea Go For It

If you really are dreaming of something go bespoke with it.


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