Slim Trick: How To Cheat Yourself Narrower In Seconds

Over the festive season we will put our good intentions aside and enjoy our meal. How good that we were able to find some tricks that will cheat us slim in seconds. Christmas is not only the time of contemplation and love , but also the time of unrestrained feasting. So it is not surprising that after the holidays we have one or two extra pounds on our ribs. Since the pounds can unfortunately not be worked off as quickly as we could feed them on, we have to look out for a few good tricks to hide the love handles on the hips , buttocks and stomach .

Fortunately, thick winter sweaters and wide dresses make it easy for us to make the pounds disappear. However, not every item of clothing in our closet is suitable to wear after the festive dinner. We know which pieces and styling hacks you can fall back on if you want to hide a few rolls of bacon. Many of the tricks are extremely simple and even make us appear optically as if there never was a hearty Christmas dinner. Here’s how you can use the fashion tricks over Christmas . ✨

Wear high shoes

This year there will be no parties, Christmas receptions or major events, but we can still dress up a bit in a small circle and spend the holidays appropriately. An elegant look with high heels on the holidays not only provides the necessary elegance, but also cheats us slim. If we wear shoes with a little heel to party, we can cheat away a kilo or two too much in seconds . We immediately look slimmer , as heels stretch our legs and thus create a silhouette that appears less wide.

Put on the correct posture

Another super easy trick to hide a kilo or two in seconds is correct posture. If you take care to pull your shoulders back, stick out your chest, and instead pull in your stomach, you will appear slimmer in no time . This is because the upper body is stretched, the stomach protrudes less, and the chest area generally appears longer and narrower. So it is better not to collapse at Christmas dinner, even if the roast and gravy are heavy in the stomach, but rather keep your composure and convince with a slim line.

Use a waist belt

If you you a look for the festive season sets on hand, you can also use them to miss you instantly a slimmer line a waist belt. If you lace up your dress or blouse in the middle, you will be slimmer in seconds than before. This is because it brings out the waist and emphasizes the beautiful feminine curves. These don’t come to the fore if you hide in angular oversize pieces that give you a box-shaped and wide body shape. So it is better to put on an accentuated waist by opting for a stylish waist belt for your outfit .

Choose the right cutout

A small but fine detail can also ensure that you can make excess kilos disappear in no time. The correct section is also a way of conjuring up a slimmer line in seconds. So you should primarily choose V-necklines to give your outfit the perfect touch. These make the neck look longer and visually stretch the upper body. Round necklines, on the other hand, are not so well suited if you want to cheat a slim line . They make your look look rather soft and emphasize curves instead of hiding them.

Put on black clothing

The classic tip is always an option when it comes to cheating yourself down in seconds. Dark clothes quickly ensure that we conjure up a slimmer line. The reason for this is that black and dark brown, blue or green tones ensure that shadows are swallowed and dents remain well hidden. So for the festive season you can confidently choose the little black dress to skilfully hide the pounds that have slipped onto our hips from the Christmas dinner .


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