Slimmer In Seconds: 6 Tricks To Hide Your Stomach

For everyone who would like to be a bit slimmer around the core, here are six quick styling tricks and pieces of clothing that hide the stomach. Do you toil at sports , but the rolls on your stomach just don’t want to go away? We say: Get rid of fitness stress and forced diets! Because in addition to exercise and nutrition , the right outfit also helps to make the extra pounds disappear, at least visually, as if by magic. What fashion pieces are at Women with belly beneficial, how are they worn and combined? Here you can find out everything you need to know!¬†You can hide your stomach with these six simple styling tricks:

Styling trick number 1: draping makes you slim

If you want to hide your stomach, you should refrain from figure-hugging tops and dresses made of thin, elastic materials. The problem area is highlighted by them. More flattering are dresses made from slightly firmer fabrics that have thebodyand play around its curves and thus hide the stomach. Dresses with drapes or wrap dresses are a real magic tool to make the lower abdomen appear slimmer . Even under straight clothes and flowing A-line cuts, a small tummy disappears.

Styling trick no. 2: Better matt than gloss

Sad but true: shiny materials apply. If you want to hide your stomach, you should use dresses and tops made of matt fabrics . Preferably in dark colors, because they make the stomach look slimmer.¬†Another great trick to hide your stomach: Choose a dress with vertical stripes , which distract from the problem area and visually elongate the figure. This immediately makes the stomach look slimmer. If the dress also has a belt that plays around the stomach, you’re doing everything right.

Styling trick 3: emphasize the vertical lines

Anything that stretches your figure is good. In plain language: Reaches for tops or dresses with a V-neck , central button placket, zippers or vertical stripes. Or wear long chains or scarves that emphasize the vertical body lines. This conceals your stomach and makes your silhouette look slimmer overall.

Styling trick No. 4: It’s all about the length

The decisive factor in whether a top conceals or emphasizes the stomach is its length. In principle, longer tops are more flattering than short sweaters or tops. You should also pay attention to where the top, shirt or sweater ends, because that is exactly where the gaze is drawn. Long shirts or long tunics that reach over the hips are ideal for concealing the stomach .

As for the length, the same applies to the colors of the top and bottom. For example, if you wear a light, short shirt and dark pants, then the focus is exactly on the point of color change, i.e. on your stomach. Not ideal if you want to conceal exactly this. Instead of hard contrasts, choose gentle color gradations and work with the layered look .

Styling trick No. 5: Shapewear, the wonder weapon

Don’t think the celebrity ladies don’t have any problem areas. They just know how to cover up their stomach & Co. properly – namely with shapewear . The figure-shaping underwear made of an elastic yet firm material presses the rolls into place and conjures up a flatter stomach. Up to two dress sizes you should be able to cheat with panties or bodysuits. Lingerie unfolds its belly-away effect especially under sexy clothes. Try it out, you will be amazed!

Styling trick No. 6: Pants with a high waistband hide the stomach

The combination of tight top and hipsters is taboo! The reason: The pants end exactly under the lower abdomen and thus emphasize the problem area. You should therefore always combine longer, casually cut tops that fall loosely over the waistband with hip trousers or a hip skirt.

High-cut jeans or skirts with a percentage of stretch are more flattering than hipsters. They conjure up a slimmer tummy and are also the more comfortable choice for many women than jeans cut on the hips.

Styling tips from the expert

Fashion expert Sabine Berndt from rock-it-baby tells us how we can skilfully hide our little tummy with the right outfits. Perhaps there was a tip that helps you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. But with all concealment tricks you should always remember: Do it for yourself and not for others. After all, it is usually the case that you yourself find your supposed flaws much more glaring and that other people usually don’t even notice them. Therefore: Don’t dress up, but try to find your style in which you feel completely comfortable. Whether with a small tummy or without.


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