Sneaker Trend: Why Do All The It-girls Wear These Same Models?

As summer is fast approaching, it seems that dad shoes are finding resonance in the fashion world. And to underline our summer strides, it is the New Balance sportswear label, which signs the most sought-after models of the season. Focus, but beware of crush! Whether we’re scrolling through our Instagram feed or soaking up the sun on our city breaks, we certainly couldn’t miss the summer basketball trend .


From Editors, to seasoned fashionistas, there is now only one step, or rather a sneaker . Stamped New Balance , the American sports equipment manufacturer with sporty pairs that everyone is snapping up, these it-sneakers resonate with trendy girls who adopt these unprecedented models. From the influencer D├ębora Rosa, to Matilda Djerf, or even Sofia Coehlo, all follow suit with the trend so as not to remain beside their pumps.


With unparalleled comfort , and the mastoc look as we like it, this time, it is the gray Made in US 990V5 model which tops New Balance’s bestseller list . Displayed around 200 euros, this unpretentious pair with nineties accents , wins the race, and is preceded by models just as interesting. At more accessible prices, the 530 Sneakers and the 624 with white contours, are part of the same approach placed under the sign of sportswear . For a morning jog, a shopping spree, or an evening with friends, these dad shoes are out! And if we want to afford aflashback mode unparalleled, let’s run right now, get them!

To put your foot on the trend line, here is the it basket that will help us win the summer fashion race. 100% recycled, and designed from recycled apples, this model inspired by the 90s stands out as the star shoe of the season. Focus on this phenomenon that we are already expecting firmly.

The countdown begins. From June 13 , the Caval brand , specializing in sneakers with a mismatched design, is reissuing its models in an entirely vegan and recycled it basket . All made from recycled apples ! And the least we can say is that this promising pair made in Europe already has everything a great. Its colored bands in pastel tones seduce us, and make this model prance at the top of our list of desires. But if this pair has flashed the editorial’s fashion radar , they’re not alone. This summer collection revolves around fourirresistibly vegan unisex sneakers .


Thus, the Caval label signs its very first models in apple skin; which ingeniously replaces the animal leather more neglected year after year. And while the asymmetrical brand has carved out a place for itself among the prominent labels , these sneakers prove that it is now possible to reconcile fashion and sustainability, without breaking our principles.
And for good reason, the millions of tons of waste generated each year by the agri-food industry in northern Italy, gave life to pellemela , which takes shape from apple waste, associated with recycled PU. An innovative and conquering material, to draw the contours of a collection which indeed sets an example!


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