Sonam Kapoor The Real Fashionista- Know How To Dress Up Like Her

Sonam Kapoor is the one Bollywood celebrity who has made her fashion statements and outfits a topic of debate with her exceptional style and glam. She is indeed a fashion icon who we are sure will manage to pull off even a bathrobe beautifully. Yes! her way of mix and matching her accessories and the makeup looks are a straight win. The industry is full of people who look stunning and glamorous but there are very few people who are never scared of experimenting with their looks and outfits Sonam Kapoor is definitely one among them.

From red carpet looks to street styling she has made everything a fashion runway and carries every outfit with extreme ease and confidence. The actor is adored for her screen presence in many movies and her fashion avatars. Sonam Kapoor is looked up bu not only her fans but also by the fashion critiques, she has set the fashion standards very high, from acing the pant and suits like a boss lady to carrying a girly dress she makes it all look effortless and fashionable. In this guide, we bring you tips to know how to dress up like her-

1. Experiment with different styles

It is the new age of fashion and everything you can think of can make you a fashion icon. So like Sonam Kapoor experiment with different brands and styles go for something that others might not like but you do, give it a shot. Say yes to offbeat silhouettes and everything vintage.

2. Take a break from the conventional style of dressing

Say yes to the unconventional style of dressing, try out the mix and matching with your looks. Grab a jacket and put it over your saree to make it look modern and edgy. Drape your saree with a fusion of jewelry and go for boho vibes.

3. Do not go mad about the trends

We know trends make you go gaga, following trends are good but at the time they might not work for you and worrying about the trends all the time might steal the fun of dressing up from you.

4. Do not underestimate the power of accessories

Accessories add the element to your outfit and lift up your game instantly, add accessories that match with your outfit and the event you are dressing up for. Whether it is her mom’s maangtika or her favorite jewelry brand she never says no to jewelry and puts on pieces that steal the attention of people in the crowd.

5. Know your body type and flaunt it

It is very important to know your body type, you might wear dresses that are expensive and from famous designers but if you do not know what is your body type and what suits you best then it might be a problem. So know what body type you are and wear outfits that flaunt your curves something that accentuates your body.

6. Stay comfortable

Stylish can be comfortable too and Sonam Kapoor has taught us that, with her nerdy geek looks and casual denim looks we can know that you can wear something that is comfortable and looks stylish too. She is not someone who will follow what everyone does she has a style of her own and she loves flaunting it.

7. Have fun with your looks

This is another important part of styling up, you should have fun creating your looks. Play with accessories and makeup. As long as you are having fun with styling you are doing it just right.


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