Start Early: Couples Should Think About That Now

The new year has started to the fullest and for many couples, 2020 is a full year. The main wedding season will start in less than half a year and it is time to start thinking about the important points of organization so that the most beautiful day can be carefree.

1. Reserve an appointment at the registry office

Most registry offices in Germany do not offer the possibility to secure a date for a civil marriage for a longer period of time. Since most couples already know more than 6 months in advance when they want to get married, the opportunity to make a reservation should not be missed. In particular, the popular dates must be saved as early as possible, which applies to all Fridays and Saturdays in the summer months. Find out when you can reserve an appointment as early as possible. The regulations differ depending on the location. Some registry offices have a fixed date from which reservations can be made, others do not accept registrations for appointments in more than 6 months.

2. Check papers for the wedding

It happens again and again that a wedding becomes stressful or cannot be held at all because there are problems with the papers. The requirements vary depending on the registry office, citizenship and country of origin. With children (joint or previous partnerships), divorce, adoption and other issues, the process can be complex. Especially if one or both spouses come from another country, a complex procedure awaits the newlyweds. Inquire as early as possible what papers you need. In some cases, appropriate papers must be applied for from the country of birth and sometimes a trip there is even necessary if a matter cannot be clarified at the consulate. Also plan a budget and time for translations and apostilles.

3. Finalize the guest lists

Half a year before the wedding, you should slowly draw the line under the guest list. Usually, many couples take a few notes in advance and revise the list regularly. Check again whether something has changed and whether you really want to invite everyone who is on the list. Don’t be afraid to choose the guests based on your gut feeling. Duty and guilt are feelings that can ruin the most beautiful day for you. You can find tips on designing the guest list in our magazine .

4. Time for the invitations

Once the registry office appointment has been secured and the guest list has been revised for the last time, the invitations can be sent. If you haven’t sent a save-the-date card in advance, you should hurry up with the invitation cards. Especially in the late spring months and in summer there are many other dates that could collide with the wedding. In addition to the holidays, this also includes a large number of youth consecrations and confirmation celebrations. Remember to include a request for feedback by a specific date in your invitations so that you can plan better.

5. Get confirmations

With wise foresight, most couples book their location, their service providers and hotel rooms earlier so as not to forget anything and to secure their personal wishes. We recommend that you get a brief feedback on an already existing booking. This ensures that your appointment has been properly recorded and nothing is forgotten. In rare cases, double bookings can also happen to professionals, if you report in time, you can rule out such nerve-wracking complications within a few minutes.

Checklist: Ideally, these points should be completed

  • Booking of the location & catering service
  • Professional photographer / videographer
  • DJ / band
  • The bride’s dress
  • The groomsmen

If one of these points is missing, it should be made up urgently. When it comes to the wedding dress, it should be borne in mind that some models may no longer be able to be delivered on time. For some brands, times can be anywhere from 4-6 months. This applies to famous brands that are popular in Germany such as Ladybird, Pronovias, Mori Lee and San Patrick. So if you can’t wait 4 months for your dress, you should mention this fact when you try it on. With very short planning times of less than three months, you should concentrate exclusively on models that can be bought immediately.

Keep Calm

For most brides, being able to say the phrase “We’re getting married this year” is a special event. And at the same time, a very stressful phase begins for many people. Many couples put themselves under extreme pressure and thereby impair the wonderful time of preparation, anticipation and togetherness. We recommend: Breathe deeply regularly and concentrate more on the fantastic feeling that connects you. Enjoy everything you do for the wedding together. It is a special time that awaits you and the day will be remembered forever.


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