Hair Care Tips & Hairstyle Tutorials

Advantage of doing it at home is that you can keep changing your hairstyle as and when you want. One day you have poker straight hair and the next you have perms. The choice is yours!!! The increase in pollution, dust and more exposure to harmful UV rays of sunlight are the factors responsible for the damage of the quality of our hair. There are many problems that can be related to hair. This can be dandruff, split ends and dermatitis. But the major problem faced these days is hair loss. However, there are many cures available in the market for the maintenance of our healthy hair. The results of the products differ from one individual to another because of different body chemistry,

medical issues and many other factors. Some of the successful products for the hair treatment are follicare and avacor. Follicare is a shampoo that treats the scalp. For effective results, one can take minoxidil and DHT blocking pills. It also aids in making thin growth thicker. There are also many other hair restoration products that contain silicon. Silicon possesses a great bioavailability, which is to say that it can be easily absorbed by an individual’s body because it is easily soluble in water. It even makes up for the deficiency of silicon in the body. Infact, silicon being an essential element aids in growth of healthy nails and skin.

It also helps in a better growth of tendons, ligaments and tissues. But these products can have side-effects because of the excessive use of chemicals. Natural products are another alternative that can be used. Honey and milk are the natural way of improving hair quality. These can be used for hair that is thin, curly, oily, straight and dry. A balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals can help in a healthy growth of hair. Healthy hair does not only look beautiful but they also keep head balmy and maintain the temperature of the body. On the other hand, one can try out the hair products that contain citrus fruits. This just adds a layer of protection over the hair from sunlight and dust. Moreover, the best part being that they do not cause any damage. Applying of the paste of mashed avocado with egg is effective to get back that lost luster to the hair. One can also apply an egg mixed with a normal shampoo onto the hair to feed in some protein.

there are various hair products that are available in the market. One just needs to make the right choice according to the requirements of one’s hair. A very easy way of getting ideas is to flip through bridal magazines or browse through bridal websites. Current bridal magazines will display the latest trends of bridal hairstyles and usually, they are modelled with certain wedding gowns. Take note of the types of hairstyles that usually go with the type of wedding gown you have chosen. For example, if you have a bustier gown, you can see what types of hairstyles are usually styled for that type of gown. You can also zoom in on the hairstyles that are suitable for your own hair length too. Cut out some of these pictures for reference if you like, as they may come in useful when you meet your stylist for a hairstyle consultation. A point to bear in mind though, some hairstyles look great on a magazine model but it may not be the best choice for you! Do keep your options open and seek professional advice from your bridal stylist before making a decision. They know best afterall, who else can we trust other than someone who does the same job everyday?