How To Style A Backless Top

Looking for something new this summer? Then you are in the right place. You must have heard people talk about these models wearing backless tops with so much confidence, must be wondering how and what to wear it with. Backless tops have always been very bold and extroverted but it doesn’t always have to be. Its time to spice up your boring closet with a backless top. No matter what your body type is, you must have wondered how you should style a backless top so that it makes your body look more flattering.

So to look good in a backless top one should always take care of a few things, first is you should always feel comfortable showing a little more skin than usual. Next, pick the right bra you wouldn’t want the bra strap showing. Incase you have smaller boobs you can go for nipple tapes or braless but the big boobie girls we have got your back, get an adhesive bra that has a band that will wrap around your stomach. Once you have everything ready now you can style your backless top even more confidently

1. With boyfriend jeans

Backless tops and boyfriend jeans are something that will give you all the right kind of hotness. Style a black backless top with these and add up with some accessories or pieces of jewelry. But before opting for a backless top make sure you are wearing well-fitted underwear beneath.

2. With skirts

Wondering how to style a backless top with a skirt? These are something that’s not very usual but when styled together with matching statement pieces of jewelry and chunky sandals or even shoes will make you look classy yet.

3. With shorts

Pair your denim shorts with your backless top this will spice up your regular and casual looks. These are perfect for brunch with friends or a summer weekend getaway. You can add to it by styling with some jewelry or accessories like sunnies or hat.

4. With leggings

The gym at 7 and dinner plans at 9? We have the perfect fit for you. Opt for a backless top with your pair of leggings and this will make you look glamorous instantly. These will work both for your dinner date and gym.

5. With skinnies

These are great for a party night with your girl gang. Why should boys have all the fun, wear these pair of outfit and look extremely good and put together, you can wear them for your non-official meetings.

6. With plaid or denim skirts

Plaid skirts are back and how. This time around try with your backless top and see what wonders they work for you. You can opt for denim skirts alternatively and that will make you look gorgeous. These are something that you can wear for your regular day in the life.

7. Wear it with long or side slit skirts

Flaunt that skirt under your backless top make your curves visible and people drool looking at you. With this, you can have a braided updo and to finish it with a great looking sling bag. You can grab your favorite pair of stilettos and make them look even better.

8. Wear it like a dress

Backless top and dresses are a bit tricky to carry instead of going for a backless dress you can wear your backless top as a dress. Opt for cyclic shorts or mini skirts that fit your body and tuck your top with them. These are extremely beautiful and will up your style game.


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