Learn How To Style Ethnic Jackets In Different Ways

All the desi girl out there you might be wondering how to wear your long purchased ethnic jackets and now that summer is here. We know and understand your love for ethnic style and we absolutely adore them too. Consider that there might be a possibility to blow your budget and add new elements of clothing tp your closet, all you need is a little bit of knowledge and idea. There are many times when we pair our favorite Kurtis with denim pants and jackets and make it an Indo western outfit.

But opting for ethnic jackets and pairing it with your outfits is such a fresh idea that will give your fashion wardrobe a desi touch. You can style it in hundreds of ways and look different every time. You can get your hands on some designer pieces or something that’s simple and classy. Jackets on Kurtis and tank tops look absolutely perfect, you can also add a touch of your style and crop it or add some element according to you. So if you are someone looking for an idea to style your jackets with your regular clothing in different ways then stay tuned-

1. Kurti with embroidered jackets

This is the basic way to style an ethnic jacket, grab a heavy embroidered jacket and style it with a Kurti that has a similar color combination as of the jacket. A short embroidered jacket will work wonders for you, if you have something that has minor detailing or mirror works then worry not just go for anything you like to team up and you will see the jacket will work with anything and everything, you can also try these jackets on denim pants and casual tops making it an Indo western outfit.

2. Saree draped with a jacket blouse

Yes, you read it right. You can style your saree with an ethnic jacket and make it look different, just grab a cropped jacket and get it over your saree. Front open jackets work best with sarees, you can also wear it like a blouse to make it look cooler and stylish at the same time. You can take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram.

3. Tank top with an embroidered jacket

Tank tops are definitely something that everyone has these days while some love flaunting their body other girls are not very comfortable wearing sleeveless so this one is for you, try opting for a jacket that will add an element to your outfit as well as will make you comfortable. You can obviously go for jeans jackets but opting for an ethnic piece of the jacket will bring a twist to the entire look.

4. Anarkali with a long jacket

Anarkalis have been popular and it been over a decade that this style is on trend but just with a little modification. You can add your touch to the old anarkalis and make it look new and stylish, add a nice pair of ethnic jacket prefer it to be long to enhance the entire look. you can also add some jewelry to finish off the look and make it look even better.

5. Solid tops with a multicolored jacket

Give an instant touch of colors to your boring solid white outfit, add a self-designed multicolored jacket. With the festive season around the corner, all you want to do is dress up in your favorite attire and look your best. You can self-style your outfits, by grabbing a multicolored jacket and pairing it with solid kurta it will give you all the necessary attention, go for some pieces of jewelry and make sure you pair them well.


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