These 6 Styling Mistakes Make Your Look Look Cheap

A good style is not necessarily about a big wallet. Because even with cheap fashion you can create looks that look expensive and really chic. The problem: We often mean too well when it comes to styling. And instead of classy and high quality, our outfit looks cheap in the end. So that this never happens again from now on, we uncover all styling traps. If you avoid the following mistakes, your outfit will look great!

1. Too much bling-bling

Here is a statement chain, there is a little rhinestone and finally a few extra large pearls in the ears. Even if we disappoint all bling-bling fans with it, but: Too much shine and glitter is the number 1 reason why the outfit looks cheap. Because the larger and shinier the golden or silver accessories are, the fake they look.

Our TV darling Guido Maria Kretschmer also sees it that way. His tip: It is better to use discreet jewelry such as a fine chain or small pearl earrings. They also look deceptively real as costume jewelry and make the look more expensive. And if you want to wear big jewelry, just limit yourself to your neck or ears.

2. Obvious fakes

Let’s stick to the accessories: what applies to jewelry also applies to bags. Anything that is obviously fake looks cheap. So instead of stocking up on yourself with lots of counterfeit designer bags, which are immediately exposed as fakes by fashionable women because of their poor workmanship, you should rather save your money for a high-quality real leather bag.

The simpler the better. Because timeless, subtle leather bags look much more expensive than models with shiny buckles or prints.

3. Cheap fabrics

There are materials that make a garment look IMMEDIATELY cheap. Mostly, these are very cheaply produced polyester fabrics that shine strongly. The problem with this is that they quickly pull threads, lose their shine when they are washed and, at the same time, they take on an unpleasant smell of sweat. A real no-go!

Instead of buying clothes made of 100% polyester, you should rather use parts made of cotton or viscose. They are also not more expensive, but much more comfortable to wear and have a higher quality.

4. Bad fit

Have you ever wondered why designer clothes cost so much more than off-the-shelf fashion? Of course, the price difference is made up of the finer materials and the name. But there is something else that distinguishes expensive from cheap: the fit. While the cuts of high-quality clothing are often laborious, producing cheap fashion is about being as quick as possible. And quite often the fit suffers.

So when shopping, make sure that the clothes really fit perfectly. Because as beautiful a part looks on the hanger, it has a poor fit on the body and, for example, the seams constantly turn around, then it looks cheap. In return, a cheap blouse, if it fits perfectly, can look really high quality.

5. Wrinkled clothes

A styling mistake that most of us make again and again: we rarely iron our clothes. This is exactly what determines whether our look looks expensive or cheap. The same cheap blouse looks ten times more ironed out than the same one in crumpled.

So get in the habit of checking your clothes before putting them on and ironing them quickly if necessary.

6. Too much animal print

When it comes to animal prints, there is nothing more. Because the more area of ​​the body is covered with leopard & Co., the cheaper the overall look. For animal prints, it is better to limit yourself to one piece per outfit and combine simple, monochrome clothing.


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