Styling Outfit Ideas For Hourglass Body Shape

Having an hourglass body shape is a wish that most women dream of. This is the fantasy and mostly known as an ideal body shape a woman should have. Women with this kind of body ideally have the same hip and bust measurements and the waist is usually narrow. You can definitely get it if you are a Kardashian fan. It is one of the most flaunting body types and if you have one then you can flaunt every area of your body. People might envy your curves but you gotta flatter each inch of it.

You have been gifted with a piece of beauty and perfection, learn tips and tricks to flaunt it and the world will be jealous of your style statements and perfect looks. Though it is one of the most fantasized body but it is not very easy to style your outfit, wearing the wrong outfit might spoil all the glam. So knowing which pieces to choose is a very integral part of the process. If you are looking for tips and tricks to style your hourglass-shaped body and flaunt them curves then you are just at the right place.

1. Body-hugging dresses

Wearing body-hugging dresses is a bliss for all the hourglass-shaped body girls out there, it will define your curves and enhance your natural beauty. Go for dresses that fit you well, since you have a figure that has a narrow waist then focus on getting attention to that part of the body. These dresses can be a great way to emphasize your waistline and body. Just pick the dress that hugs your body in the right areas and it will do all the work for you.

2. Pencil skirt

Again wearing a pencil skirt will flaunt your hips and give your body a perfect shape. Pencil skirts are something that can be worn as workwear and also as casual wear. This will not only flaunt your hips but also help you accentuate the waist. Make sure you do not wear something that’s too tight because that will just spoil the moment and make you look uncomfortable and messy. Instead, wearing something that has a perfect fit will look good and get back your confidence.

3. Waist belt

Waist belts are something that has been in trend for the last couple of years, these help in providing shape to your silhouettes, they will highlight your waist and make you look sexy and put together. This will help you draw attention to the waist and flaunt your body.

4. Wear blouses that flatters your bust

Some of the best things about having an hourglass body figure is having a big bust, many people fantasize of having big bust but do not have one. Try to opt for necklines that can flatter your bust, go for blouses with big necks like v-necklines, off the shoulder and many such other necklines.

5. Bodysuits

Beaches or no beaches wearing a bodysuit has always been a great thing, it is not only comfortable but also helps in enhancing your body shape. You can go for a nice plain or animal printed bodysuit and pair it up with a good pair of denim. This will give you just the perfect look for the day.

6. High waisted jeans

If you are a Kardashian clan fan then you must have seen them drooling over high waisted pants and bodysuits. These two pieces of clothing go just hand in hand. Grab a nice pair of high-waisted jeans and it will flatter your waist and entire body.

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