Styling Tips For The Chubby: This Is How Your Curves Look Stunning!

You don’t need a radical diet to look gorgeous. All you need is the right look. Here are the best styling tips for curvy women. Being plump doesn’t mean hiding your figure under baggy clothes. On the contrary! If you take a few styling tips for chubby women to heart, you can wear beautiful and exciting looks that perfectly highlight your own figure and curves. Wide trousers, bootcut jeans or midi skirt, boyfriend or short blazer, cleavage accentuated or shapewear … What are the dos and don’ts for particularly feminine curves? Which colors, shapes and combinations are advantageous – or not? We’ll tell you which fashion pieces are ideal for chubby people and what you should avoid.

Styling Tips for Chubby Women: These are the DOs!

The most important styling tip for chubby women first: If you feel good, you can wear anything ! Nobody has to tell you what to do and what not to do when it comes to fashion. For those who are still unsure about styling, here are the most important styling tips for the chubby and fashion that makes you slim: Wide trousers make you slim : These include, for example, comfortable boyfriend jeans , straight-cut trousers or high-waist Marlene trousers. Due to the loose fit, the legs appear slimmer and the figure is gently caressed. In addition, wide trousers are very popular this season! For tight trousers such as skinny jeans or leggings, it is better to use dark colors than light ones.

A flowing midi skirt is a must-have in the wardrobe

A-shaped midi skirts are the best way to hide the problem areas of hips, buttocks and thighs. You get a perfect hourglass figure when you tuck the top into the hem of the skirt and wear the skirt to your waist. Tip: You can achieve a particularly great slimming effect with pleated skirts. > For example, Ulla Popken has a nice midi pleated skirtA-shaped midi skirts are the most beautiful option for the problem area hipTo hide buttocks and thighs. You get a perfect hourglass figure if you tuck the top into the hem of the skirt and wear the skirt to your waist.

The cleavage is your trump card

A V-blouse is a must in the wardrobe. On the one hand, the neckline highlights your cleavage and makes it super slim. Toll also wrap blouses and dresses, because by the diagonal matter guide the waist looks slimmer. Tip: Let a normal blouse just two buttons open. This is how you achieve the V-blouse effect.

High heels make long legs

Sure, ballerinas are comfortable. However, they are not a good choice if you have short legs and strong calves . If you want to cheat your legs slimmer and longer, you should better use heeled shoes. A comfortable block heel is enough.

Professional tip: Pointed pumps in nude are real slimming miracles. They conjure up extra-long legs in combination with a midi skirt.

Cheat with shapewear

Hardly any celebrity on the red carpet doesn’t. We are talking about Shapewear -Apply. The figure-shaping underwear works wonders, makes you slim in seconds and conjures up an hourglass figure. A cheap alternative to shapewear: Buy a pair of sheer tights with a high den number, cut them off at the level of the thighs and pull them up as high as possible. This cheat shapewear works almost as well.

Help yourself in his (!) Wardrobe

There are many treasures slumbering in the closet of your loved one, which look great on chubby women. These include, for example, casual men’s shirts or shirts that can be worn wonderfully with cool jeans. Combined with feminine high heels, it creates a trendy leisure look.


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