Styling Tips For The Summer Type

As with all color types, you can also recognize the summer type by hair color, complexion and eye color. Unlike the spring type , which is characterized by a red cast in the hair and a complexion with a yellowish undertone, hair colors from silver blonde to platinum blonde to ash blonde and ash brown are typical for the summer type. The hair does not shimmer golden in the sun, but silver-gray. The same applies to the skin color: the complexion of the summer type often has a cool, bluish tinge, but can also look pink. Freckles are rather rare in the summer type, and the skin does not tan too much. The most common eye colors for the summer type are blue, teal or gray. Light brown or amber eyes are also possible, but very rare.

Summer type or spring type? This test provides information

Do you also have fair skin and fair eyes? With the simple jewelry test you can find out whether you are really a summer type or a spring type. Simply hold gold jewelry and silver jewelry close to your face. What color does your face look fresher and brighter? If silver jewelry wins the race, you’re a real summer guy. If gold jewelry is your favorite, you are one of the spring types. Here are the styling tips for the spring type !

Summer type colors: With this color card you look radiant!

The typical summer type colors are bright, cool and have a bluish tinge. These include, for example, pastel shades of blue, a strong turquoise, pink and pink, a delicate mint or violet tones. But a bright, clear yellow also looks great on the summer type. White and gray tones are just as harmonious. These cold summer-type colors make the skin look fresh and rosy.

Black is less flattering because the dark, hard tone makes the already light skin appear even paler. And: stay away from colors with a red tinge such as orange, mustard yellow or cognac! These tones ensure that the complexion of the summer type looks ashen and sickly. Summer types should remove warm-colored clothing from their shopping list.

We have put together a color chart for you with the perfect summer type colors. Orient yourself when shopping on these tones, then you can’t go wrong and you look dazzling in your outfit!

The perfect styling for the summer type: clothes made easy

Summer types are delicate creatures due to their porcelain skin and hair color . Accordingly, summer-style clothing should be light and airy. Flowing dresses in soft pastel shades are great. Also wonderful: delicate blouses or tunics, preferably in pure white. This “color” looks particularly fresh and radiant in summer types. The summer guy is really lucky when it comes to clothing, because he is made for denim in all variations. Whether light denim shirt, cute shorts or denim overalls – summer type girls just look great in blue.

Are you looking for an everyday look that costs little but fits your type perfectly? Then combine with skinny or boyfriend jeans in a light wash a simple white T-shirt. In addition a statement chain with silver elements and simple sandals – a trendy outfit at a bargain price is ready!

Summer type and makeup: these are the best colors

In addition to clothing, make-up also plays an important role in styling. The same applies to the summer type when applying make-up as in fashion: cool colors are optimal. Pink or red tones with a blue component are wonderful lipstick colors. These colors have two advantages: 1. They make the complexion look fresh. And 2. Due to the bluish color on the lips, yellowish teeth appear whiter. You can find even more tips on make-up and care here !

Summer type stars: These celebrities are cool beauties

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most famous summer type stars. With her light blonde hair, delicate complexion and blue eyes, she is a prime example of the summer type. In our gallery you will find other prominent summer types.


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