Importance Of Fashion For The Indian Woman

The term “fashion” is an expression that reveals our inner beauty and personality by our outer appearance generally in the form of clothing, hairstyle, footwear, accessories and lifestyle. It is like a colorful world celebrating the individuality of a person. Fashion depicts creativity of our mind, which gives us confidence in representing ourselves to the outer world. As we are quite aware of a popular saying “First impression is the last impression” hence it is an important aspect to be followed by any individual. It acts as a prime factor for a making a judgment about the overall personality of a human being no matter what caste or creed he or she belongs too.

Fashion basically is a part of culture which varies with time. India is a country which is popular for its culture and traditions all over the world. A land with such diversity has different fashion according to the state and their culture. Indian fashion is most popular, which people all over the world admire and follow. Considering Indian woman, fashion varies with person to person depending on the factor whether she is a homemaker or professional and different occasions which dwell upon. Clothing, hairstyle and footwear are best friends of each other and go hand in hand according to various situation and circumstances. Here the article describes the importance of each in Indian woman’s life.

Clothing and Indian Woman

When it comes to choose our clothing, it becomes really important for an Indian woman to follow the latest trends to present herself in front of her social groups she belongs to. It doesn’t only apply to a woman who is a professional and step out for her job; it actually has a same role and importance for a homemaker as well who is socially active and wants to look updated in her society. In India, clothing is major part of fashion and is of major concern when it comes to different occasions such as Indian weddings, get together and festivals.

For a professional a proper uniform is the most important part of fashion whereas for a homemaker casual wearing which can give her comfort and confidence to reveal her inner personality to her peers is enough.

Hairstyle and Indian Woman

Importance of fashion in terms of hairstyle varies with person and occasions in India. Considering the professional women, most of them like to make their hairstyle in form of a pretty pony tail or keep it short and stylish which suits their specific uniform accordingly.

And when it comes to different occasions like weddings and festivals, lot of excitement flashes in the mind of a woman since there are various styles of hair-do which perfectly add glamour and style to her beauty.

Footwear and Indian woman

Footwear enhances the beauty of our clothing, hence plays an important role in following the trends with time and situations. For a woman who goes out for work, appreciate to wear proper formal footwear that goes well with her outfit. Considering the casual outings like camping with friends or going to a gym, woman like to wear casual sport shoes whereas for weddings, woman love to wear sandals with pencil heels or gorgeous platform heels adding glamour and making a style statement for the others to cherish and follow.

Lifestyle and Indian Woman

Lifestyle plays an important role in terms of fashion. Woman with high status usually reveals and follow a peculiar and disciplined lifestyle to show off their fashion sense to the world. To be specific and short, fashion usually signifies as a status symbol which is reflected by the lifestyle the woman tends to follow.

Hence all these factors contribute to make a woman enlighten her inner self to the outer world and clearly shows how much important is fashion for a woman.


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