Stylish Tricks To Recycle Your Old Clothes And Make Them Fabulous

Most of us have clothes that we are so emotionally attached to and do not want to throw them away because they preserve memories for you. Say, the first saree you brought or a dress which you wore to your first date with your love, you tend to grow on them. That is the one and only reason why our women closets are filled with clothes but we do not find anything to wear. Clothes define who we are and sometimes they become irresistible and resistant to throwing them away say, it is our human nature.

With new trend popping up each day, we do not know what to do with our old clothes and it is quite fair. You cannot expect a twenty year old saree to still be trending now. You have to use them in some from or the other or else there is a strong chance that termites may feed upon your valuable piece of clothing. One caution you really need to take is that old clothes can be prone to tearing because of literal wear and tear over the years. Therefore you ought to be careful with your oldies.

1. Recreating Your Favourite Look

May be you have one specific instance in your past that you cannot forget and you will surely remember how you were dressed back then. You can simply wear the same style and live the moment once again. This would surely be a beautiful trip down the memory lane. Anyways the old fashion is coming back to the trending charts again so do not be worried that you will look like an old hag. Trust your gut and move on.

2. Making Something New From The Old

One thing that you can surely do is make something new out of old. If you have an old saree you can make a nice floor length dress out of it. The possibilities of creating something new are really endless. You can make anything out of it as you like. Use every last bit of the cloth to preserve each bit of your memory. This is an extraordinary option if and only if you know your cloth is going to last for long time and it is sturdy.

3. Using Appropriate Accessories To Make It Stylish

If you really have something old and out of trend, try to accessorize it with some latest trending accessories. It can really make the boring incredible. For example, you have this old saree and you want to wear it, try going with a sleeveless blouse and some good chunky earrings. This will obviously do the trick for you.

4. Using Your Old Clothes For Improvising Jewelry

You can also use your torn clothes to make accessories for yourself. For example you have an extremely damaged piece of dress, you can use it make yourself some cloth jewelry. Take your regular hoops and wrap the piece of cloth around them and glue them down to the ends. You can similarly do the same thing to your bangles. This is a good way of recycling your old clothes to make them your charms. This will defiantly add some interesting pieces of jewelry into your wardrobe. Statement jewelry for this year is sorted then.

5. Using Old Clothes To Make New Accessories

You can use you old clothes to make some accessories for yourself. For instance you can take a piece of long fabric from your old dress and make it into a headband. You can make yourself some cloth belts which are so in demand these days.


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