Stylish Winter Outfits That You Are Guaranteed To Have In Your Closet!

5 warm and stylish winter looks that everyone has in their closets : Winter is still coming to Germany and since we returned from Hawaii last weekend, I’ve been freezing almost continuously. For this reason, for a few days now, I have unfortunately no longer been concerned with airy looks with tops and dresses, but rather I’m asking myself: what do I wear in these extremely cold temperatures so as not to freeze. Since you are certainly similar and maybe you are running out of outfit ideas so slowly but surely, today I would like to show you 5 warm and stylish looks that you are guaranteed to have in your wardrobe . Each look consists of at least two basic parts and I’ll show you how you can combine them with each other for winter use. Let’s go, I’m curious which look is your favorite?

Winter look with parka & knitted sweater

The first look is a combination of a cool parka, knitted sweater and boots. I have linked to you my current favorite knitted sweater, which is not only inexpensive, but also super cozy. I think most of you will have a parka in the closet. This model is white and has been on my wish list for a few days. Let’s see, maybe I’ll order it again.

Winter look with wool coat, hoodie & black boots

In the past, dark blue and black were considered a no-go color combination. Thank God those days are over and today the dark duo is a great color variant for classy looks, both in leisure time and for business looks. As a basic part, I chose a dark wool coat, a black hoodie and dark winter boots for this look. But many of you certainly have black leather pants in your closet. So that the look does not look too bleak, I style red accessories in the form of a bag and scarf.

Winter look with trench coat, stripe shirt and jeans

If you ask me what kind of coat belongs in every wardrobe, it is clearly the trench coat. For a relaxed winter look it is best to combine a stripe shirt (I think everyone has it in the closet) and a casual blue jeans. The look is rounded off with a camel-colored wool scarf (I have exactly this model and love it!) As well as rough, white boots with profile soles and eyelet details.

Winter look with camel coat and leather pants

The camel coat is similar, but usually a bit warmer than a trench coat. Other brown tones and light shades such as cream or white look beautiful with the brown tone. As you may know, this color palette is one of my absolute favorites and takes up a large part of my wardrobe. So I own most of the parts of this collage myself and have had this look like this or that at one time or another. Particularly cute? The accessories like the scarf and the beret!

Winter look with cardigan and denim

Another popular part in winter? Cardigans. I am sure that you also have one or two of them in your closet. Just like plain blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Cuddly accessories such as a thick wool beanie and a cashmere scarf provide additional warmth and the boots with cut outs can also be worn very well with wool socks. To make the look look cool, I would put the T-shirt in the jeans, throw the cardigan over it and tie the scarf casually around my neck. PS: hats always look nicer with open hair than with closed ones


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