Stylish Women Love These Winter Jackets & Sneakers For The Cold Season

Sneakers are always and everywhere and we will now tell you which sporty models women in the 50s will wear this winter. At least one pair of sneakers should not be missing in any well-equipped shoe cabinet , as the sporty kicks are super comfortable on the one hand and can also be combined with almost any item of clothing in the wardrobe – whether as the final touch of a sporty look or as an exciting contrast to an elegant outfit .

However, because fashion tastes have changed over time, women in their 50s are no longer in demand for the items they loved when they were younger. That doesn’t mean, however, that the shoe closet is less stylish. Rather, the focus is not only on the latest trends, but on properties such as classic and timeless. And up which sneaker zutriff exactly this description t and also because of their material the perfect companions for the coming winter of all women over 50 are, learn hier.

These sneakers are perfect for women over 50 in winter

White, gray or black, very sporty and a somewhat coarser sole : this is how the current favorite sneakers of middle-aged women can be briefly described. As far as the choice of color is concerned, the simple nuances are still very popular, as these can be easily integrated into the outfit. In order to protect their feet from the frosty temperatures in winter, however, the ladies in the 50s currently attach great importance to the right material . It should be leather or neoprene, as these – in contrast to fabric – protect the feet from cold and wet. In combination with a slightly chunkier or thicker sole , the warming effect is further enhanced. The “Royal Glide” from Reebok, which you can buy from ABOUT YOU for around 65 euros , for example, meets all of these requirements and also looks super stylish.

This is how middle-aged ladies style their favorite sneakers

Of course, sneakers can be styled in every imaginable way, but women in their 50s currently have very clear preferences. They combine the casual treads with cool trousers made of fabric , leather or jeans (models with creases are particularly popular this season) , slip into a cozy oversize sweater (preferably made of chunky knit and with a turtleneck ) and finally toss a medium-length coat made of wool over the shoulders. The colors of the respective looks are based on the earthy tones of cream, beige or brown as well as the classics White, gray and black . Voilà, the perfect sporty winter look is ready Рwithout any boots Рfor all women over 50!  Are you still looking for the perfect sneaker for your winter wardrobe? We have linked a small selection of the most beautiful models to you in our picture gallery for after-shopping!

These winter jackets are worn by stylish women on cold days

The cold season is determined not only by icy temperatures and cloudy days, but above all by the hippest winter jackets , which complete our looks like hardly any other item of clothing during these months. When it comes to the upper materials, fashionable women not only rely on simple fabrics, but also use festive velvet, a cool, metallic finish for the winter or spray a lot of cosiness with cord – only then does the winter jacket become an absolute eye-catcher. If you want an even stronger eye-catcher, do it like fashion blogger Milena Karl , who uses a variant with an all-over logo print that no one will miss in a street style outfit. After all , it will be particularly wintery with jackets in a lambskin look, which on the one hand keep us warm and on the other hand are classically elegant , so that this is not a trend item that we are only chasing for a moment. Combined with jeans and sneakers or really winterly with leather pants , rough boots and a fluffy hat, the perfect look for cold days is finally set in scene


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