T-shirt Discolored? 7 Tips To Remove Deodorant Stains

Deodorants in particular often leave yellow or brownish stains on white T-shirts that do not go out even when they are hot. We reveals seven simple tips and the best home remedies for deodorant stains so that the white T-shirt shines again.

Anyone who likes to wear white T-shirts knows the problem: after a short time, yellow spots appear on the armpit area , which even a 60-degree wash can not harm. The discoloration primarily comes from aluminum-containing deodorants, the salts of which, in conjunction with sweat, lead to the dark spots. That looks ugly, but with a few simple tips you can remove deodorant stains from T-shirts and shirts.

1. Citric acid

Citric acid is available in every drugstore or supermarket and helps to remove yellow deodorant stains. Add two to three tablespoons to a liter of warm water and treat white clothes with it. Simply let the t-shirt or shirts soak overnight, then wash as normal.

2. Core soap

The classic among detergents is also suitable for targeted – and inexpensive – stain control: Moisten the deodorant stains with a little water, foam up the soap and rub over the stain like with an eraser. Then off to the washing machine.

3. Denture cleaner

This secret weapon sounds a bit unusual, but is super effective: denture cleaner contains bleach and makes unsightly spots, such as deodorant or sweat stains, disappear by dissolving some tablets in warm water and allowing them to work on the discolored area. After about five minutes, wipe off the solution and the deodorant stains are gone.

4. Aspirin

This remedy is usually conveniently already at home – in the medicine cabinet: grind one or two paracetamol or aspirin tablets and stir with a little water, so that a creamy consistency results. Then coat the deodorant stains with it and leave the paste to work for a maximum of half an hour so that the slightly acidic pH value of the tablets can take effect. But be careful: you should refrain from using sensitive substances such as silk, as the medicinal products can permanently damage the material.

5. Vinegar

This home remedy is also perfect for removing deodorant stains: Put the clothes in a bath of vinegar water, which should consist partly of vinegar essence and four parts of water. It is best to soak the clothes overnight, then wash as normal.

6. Baking soda

The all-purpose weapon baking soda contains sodium carbonate or baking soda, which reacts basicly and helps to remove stains. However, the flour contained is less suitable for washing, so the powder should be removed after a short exposure time with a normal washing cycle in the machine. This home remedy is very popular with everyone who relies on environmentally friendly cleaning.

7. Don’t forget to clean the washing machine!

Another reason for persistent smells and discoloration in clothing despite washing can be a dirty washing machine. Bacteria and dirt accumulate in the machine, especially when washing permanently at low temperatures . It is therefore advisable to carry out a hot wash at 90 degrees every few months and to regularly remove the dirt from the fluff filter. The door of the washing machine should remain open after the wash cycle so that the machine can dry from the inside and no germs form.

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