Top 50 Tattoo Designs For Girls You Should Check Now

Over the past few years, body tattoo has been a common fashion item among women and girls. Many girls have embraced the art of skin tattooing which has become socially acceptable over the past two decades. Generally, girls are relatively smaller in stature than their male counterparts. Therefore, girls; tattoos are prettier and smaller than male tattoos.

Most girls prefer tattoo designs which have less aggressive looks with thinner lines. Normally, tattoo designs for girls are delicately built and isolated in few areas of the body. Unlike men, girls are more likely to have a tattoo on their arms, legs, thighs, wrists among other body parts. This article will highlight some of the best tattoo designs for girls on side wrist and other tattoos for girls.


Different Types Of Tattoo Designs For Girls

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies are beautiful and colorful creatures which make them adorable for girls. Therefore, butterfly tattoo designs are the most popular girl’s tattoo designs in the tattoos industry. These designs are usually butterfly, delicate and small. This makes them ideal for girls who would like to have relatively small colored tattoos.

Flower Designs

Flowers are naturally beautiful, colorful and very feminine. There is a variety of flower tattoo designs available for girls depending on size and
type of flower. The flower designs include daisy, roses, cherry blossom among other flower designs. Girls like flower tattoo designs due to the
symbolism of each flower.

Star Tattoos

Star tattoo designs are generally small and simple. They may also be complemented by other tattoo designs to produce elegant and amazing
tattoo arts. These designs are the most common tattoo designs for girls on the side wrist.

Heart Tattoo Designs

Hearts have symbolic meanings of love, affection, and romance. All girls love to be loved by someone they love. Heart tattoo designs are usually colored designs that often incorporate red shades. For this reason, many girls prefer heart tattoos on their arms, neck, or chest.

Dragonfly Tattoos

It is not uncommon that many girls hate insects. However, the dragonfly is a very likable insect among girls just like butterflies and ladybugs.
Dragonfly tattoos are small and less aggressive looking feminine tattoos ideal for girls that love accent pieces.

Text Tattoos

Tattoos of phrases, favorite quotes or Biblical verses are popular tattoo designs among girls. When it comes to tattoos for girls, text tattoos are the most sought-after designs since they may contain memories and may also have different meanings.


The choice of tattoo design for girls depends on individual tastes and preferences. Girls prefer tattoos that make them look prettier and more
attractive. Therefore, they need to choose elegant tattoo designs which have outstanding appearances. Moreover, girls should choose feminine tattoo designs which are less aggressive and small in size. Tattoos for girls should also be colorful with different color shades depending on individual tastes and preferences. Red-colored girls’ tattoo designs are the most popular color tattoo designs in the tattooing industry. Tattoo designs for girls should be simple but very impressive to meet the fashion objective of feminine tattoo designs.