The 10 Biggest Shoe Trends

Shoe trends in spring and summer : Well ladies, are your feet ready for summer again? Admittedly, mine are just sleeping a little while and waiting for the snow to finally melt away. As beautiful as I find boots and ankle boots, I’m slowly but surely looking forward to all the lighter shoes. Sandals, loafers, strappy sandals & Co. Because yes, spring and summer offer some great shoe trends that will really highlight our feet.

Of course, I went on trend research for you again this year and would like to share the most beautiful and important shoe trends 2019 with you today. What can we expect? A couple of real classics paired with great attention to detail but above all flat models that are extremely good for our feet. But stand by yourself, These are the shoe trends 2019 in the Spring and summer

Shoe trend :Chunky sneakers

Yep, this shoe trend is an old acquaintance from last year. But frankly it is no wonder that the “ugly” aka “dad” aka “chunky” sneakers continue to accompany us. Special trends like this usually always take a while until they have established themselves on the market and the crowd says “Oh yeah, cool”. So last year was practically the familiarization phase and all fashion forward people spread the trend. Everyone is talking about the chunky sneakers in 2019 and it is teeming with different models. Styling tip: sneakers look best in a style break with feminine dresses or casual with pantsuits.

Shoe trend :Trekking sandals

The trend of the trekking sandal takes a bit of getting used to, but somehow cool. Gucci, Prada & Co are leading the way again and are pioneers of this trend. I’m pretty sure that many of you are shaking your head now and saying: NO WAY! But wait and see, friends will be billed in the end. I’m pretty sure that this trend will be pretty big and go in the direction of the chunky sneakers. So maybe not too hasty;) I can actually already imagine spending my summer in such a model. I will keep you up-to-date. Styling tip: absolutely cool! This sandal needs casual styles that take away its dusty image. Boyfriend pants, oversize blazers and everything that is sporty / urban is just right.

3rd shoe trend 2019:

Animal print shoes

This trend has already emerged last year and will reach its new peak in spring and summer 2019. Animal is everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. On skirts, coats, bags and of course on shoes. While we already sported the wild print on boots in autumn and winter, our feet adorn sandals, slippers and pumps with the animal pattern in summer. Styling tip: This print is a real eye-catcher and works best with minimalist and monochrome looks.

4th shoe trend 2019

Statement paragraphs

I had already indicated above that some of the shoe trends in 2019 will be very detailed. One of these trends is shoes with statement heels. For example, heels with glitter elements, special shapes or graphic elements. The main thing you notice. With this trend, the foot is definitely in focus. Styling tip: These shoes are ideal to wear with basics like a blue jeans, blazer, white t-shirt or black dress.

Shoe trend :V-neck pumps

A classic among the 2019 shoe trends are pumps with a V-neck. Not really that new at all, but this special cut-out will be the focus of fashion fans in 2019. Not only the “V-shoe neckline” is characteristic of this trend, but also the pointed shoe shape itself. Styling tip: These shoes are really flattering, because the pointed shape and the free back of the foot stretch the leg optically. The noble shoe looks best with midi skirts and culottes.

Shoe trend 2019:Transparent elements

The PVC trend, shoes with plastic details, is definitely getting used to. Admittedly, I personally am not the biggest fan of it, because this trend is not the easiest in terms of sophisticated styling. And unfortunately also more so-so summer. The feet usually start sweating quickly in or under such a material, which may not be the best basis in summer. Nevertheless, transparent elements are a shoe trend in 2019. Styling tip: as is well known, you don’t have to follow every trend! In my opinion, this would be a prime example of this;) Nevertheless, I did not want to withhold it from you.

Shoe trend :Feather & fringe details

The counterpart to the statement heel are feather and fringe details on shoes. The playful accents are real eye-catchers and definitely not for subtle stylings. The beautiful? The 2019 shoe trend comes in a wide variety of styles and ranges from sporty slippers to flat sandals to high-heeled sandals. Styling tip: Depending on the model, everything works here. Just try!

Shoe trend 2019:Square “square” shape

I am absolutely delighted with the “square shape” shoe trend. The square tips are a must in 2019 and the ideal addition to the pointed shoe shape. Clear advantage of square shoes? They are much, much, much more comfortable than pointy shoes because they offer our feet much more space in front. Styling tip: The shape of the shoe can look slightly stale when wrongly styled. To counteract this, it is best to use models in bright summer colors such as orange, pink or yellow.

Shoe trend 2019:Strappy & rope details

Strappy sandals are also not a complete reinvention – on the contrary. But also in spring and summer 2019 they are a good and safe number to be in the trend. What’s new? Sandals with a kind of rope straps. While we tend to wear the classic strappy sandals with heels, the rope sandals come flat and completely without heels. So everyone will find something here. Styling tip: best to wear with dresses, skirts or shorts. This is how the playful shoes come into their own.

10.Shoe trend :

Flip flops & thong

Last but not least: An old acquaintance and a real classic shoe celebrates its big comeback in 2019. Well, actually he was never really gone, but in the last few years he has not really been present. We are talking about flip flops and models with a thong. The best? I am sure that each of us has at least one model in the shoe cabinet. Styling tip: The sandals with shorts and short skirts look particularly cute. But they also look good with a culotte or maxi dress. You see: a real all-rounder.


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