The 10 Most Important Fashion Essentials

My personal fashion essentials this season : The autumn and winter wardrobe is often more extensive and larger than what you need in summer. If there is also a great passion for fashion … you know the game. For me it is a good means to expand a basic wardrobe from high-quality, timeless pieces with selected fashion trends per season. I make sure that I like these fashion essentials beyond one season. What does this mean in autumn and winter? That’s what the blog post is about today πŸ™‚ What fashion trend are you particularly looking forward to this season?


My fashion essentials in autumn and winter – and have been for several years – include berets and Baker Boy Caps. Thanks to Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Versace, Headgear is making a big comeback in autumn / winter 2019/20 as one of the accessory trends. Berets round off every outfit for me and look great with dresses, boots and coats.


Create a great style with little effort? This works in no time with the fashion essentials neckerchief and foulards. Styled in different ways, the foulard is a real all-rounder. Such as hair accessories, a scarf, worn on the bag or even as a belt alternative. With a beautiful pattern, the foulard can act as a colored accent in autumn and winter.

Animal print boots

While the animal print adorned dresses and blouses in summer and I was already wearing the print from snake to leo from top to bottom, one of my fashion essentials in winter is definitely a pair of boots in animal print!..

Modern pearl earrings

Nothing works for me without jewelry! I wear my rings, bracelets and chains almost every day, many of them overnight and while showering. A highlight for me, however, are earrings that immediately achieve a chic effect. I love the contrast of the elegant pearl earrings with knits and other autumn materials. But not the “bourgeois” small plugs, but newly interpreted pearl earrings for autumn / winter 2019/20.

Cashmere stockings

This fashion essential also has a practical factor. Anyone who almost always has cold feet will understand me πŸ™‚ Since I also wear culottes or shortened jeans a lot, it is just too cold for me in autumn without socks. The perfect accessories for me are fine wool stockings that are extremely soft and warm and, thanks to their design, look good even in loafers!

Camel Coat

One of my favorite autumn fashion essentials: the wool coat! Even better: in camel colors! The timeless classic for the closet is a must-have, always fits and looks elegant. I can only recommend a camel coat πŸ™‚

Narrow turtleneck sweater

The narrow turtleneck sweater is one of the basics that should not be missing in autumn and winter! I wear the warming tops almost everywhere when it is cold: under a blazer, under blouses, under cardigans, under sweaters … it not only warms, but sometimes gives a look that certain something, for example when you only see the collar is. At BANÚ we will also launch a great fine rib turtleneck model in a few weeks. So be excited πŸ™‚

Large wool scarf

What would my winter wardrobe be without a blanket-like wool scarf? My camel-colored scarf is a permanent companion in autumn and winter and sometimes functions as a blanket in the office when it pulls πŸ™‚

Shearling winter parka

Looking for a new coat for autumn and winter, I quickly came across the new shearling jackets. They combine stylish details with a soft lining and the material mix of wool and leather. A fashion essential for me that I would like to get myself this season.

Leather statement blouse

I wrote above about fashion trends that spice up my winter wardrobe and a leather blouse or shirt this season. Although I am certain that you are investing in a potential classic. A straight-cut, high-quality leather shirt in a neutral color can be a statement in the closet that always works for different styles.

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