The 11 Commandments For Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

An engagement ring carries a message of love and a commitment to your other half. What makes this gem very special. The hope and symbolism it represents also make the engagement ring difficult to choose. Focus on the things to consider when finding the perfect ring for your marriage proposal.

Set your budget well

There are engagement rings of all styles and for all budgets. The price will vary according to different criteria: the metal used, the purity of the stone, its nature, its size… It is therefore important to define your budget well to avoid setting your sights on a ring that is financially inaccessible. If a pure and unique piece of jewelry has something to dream about, it is possible to find, very pretty engagement rings, of good quality , resulting from a work of fine jewelry. More than the price and the materials, it is above all the symbolism and the being that offers it that make an engagement ring beautiful and special.

Know the technical terms: carats, purity of gold and stones

Jewelry uses a specific vocabulary to define jewelry. The presentation of an engagement ring is done using technical terms. Better to know what it is all about to choose and buy your ring with full knowledge of the facts. The carats (abbreviation: cts) designate the weight of the precious metal in the ring as well as the purity of the precious stones it wears.

The more pure a gemstone is , that is to say flawless, well cut, of a bright and heavy color…, the higher the number of carats, as well as its price. Here, the carat is expressed by point . One carat equals 100 points. You will therefore be able to see 0.30 carat diamonds in the windows for example. The closer the number to 100, the more rare and pure the gemstone. This is particularly the case for the online jewelry store Trabbia Vuillermoz, expert in precious stones. Purity is also defined by inclusions. The less there is, the greater the purity. Like color, this time it is a letter that determines them.

Know your style well: a ring is for life!

The engagement ring is the jewel of a lifetime, just like the wedding ring . The ring is worn for the duration of the couple. It is therefore essential that it be to the taste of the two fiancées. The ring must match its personality and morphology. Discreet or more imposing ring, traditional or original, refined or very worked … there are engagement rings for all tastes.

Choose the right metal in harmony with your style and skin tone

Depending on the metal chosen, the color of the ring will not be the same. The three dominant colors depending on the material are gold, silver and pink. Gold allows these three variations , since we find white gold or gray gold, pink gold, gold gold. It is a precious and solid material. Very resistant, it does not scratch and its color does not vary.
Platinum is also very solid. It is rarer in jewelry because of its very high price. It has a pretty silver color. Another metal used for making engagement rings is silver . It is gray and stainless . Less expensive than gold, it is also more fragile over time. The golden color is particularly highlighted on dark and tanned skin. The silver color has the advantage of being suitable for all skin tones. Just like the pink color. The latter does not go with all the colors of precious stones, however.

Diamond? Precious stone ? Or no stones?

Diamond is a stone widely used by jewelers for their engagement rings . Its radiance seduces many couples. In addition to being beautiful and luxurious, the diamond is very solid. Ideal for a ring to keep for a lifetime. The same goes for cheaper semi-precious stones. Simple, uncluttered rings, devoid of stones also make very chic rings to offer to the love of his life.

Visualize your future alliance

The engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left ring finger. She will therefore have to share this finger with the alliance. Imagining your wedding ring before you even buy the engagement ring is important. Thus, the two rings will be matched. The hand will be highlighted with this harmonious accord.

Anticipate your purchases and compare

Finding THE ring can take time. It must be obvious. Each jeweler has his own trademark, his creative style. Pushing the door of several jewelry stores is therefore recommended until you find the one made for your other half. Also, this allows you to compare the prices of different models to meet your budget.

Know if we are betting on timelessness or originality

The engagement ring will be worn day after day, throughout the wedding. A timeless ring will be easy to wear over the years . But an original ring can better match his personality, and therefore be easier to assume.

Choose a model in harmony and in proportion with your finger

A ring, as beautiful as it is, should be adjusted to the size of the finger. A larger ring will be better highlighted on large hands. Conversely, it will appear disproportionate on hands with long, thin fingers.

Choose and understand the symbolism of precious stones

Each gemstone has its own unique meaning and virtues. The diamond is often chosen to adorn engagement rings. Its transparency and its ability to capture and return light echoes purity, peace and love for eternity. The diamond is also said to have the power to ward off enemies and disease. The sapphire testifies to sincere feelings , pledge of fidelity and promise of happiness. The sapphire would have soothing effects. The emerald would promote fertility . The person who offers an emerald ring testifies to his conviction for his couple, because the belief wants that the emerald breaks following an infidelity. The ruby ​​is red, the color of passionate love. Rubies are said to take care of the heart, in the physical sense of the term . It also contributes to feeling fulfilled, to seeing happiness better every day.

Choosing the right stone shape according to its type

Once the metal and the stone are chosen, there remains a capital decision to be taken for his engagement ring. It is the shape of the stone. Jewelers can cut precious stones in several styles: oval, rectangle, pear, heart, cushion, trapezoid … Choosing an engagement ring cannot be improvised. The favorite must be at the meeting. But some thought is still needed to find the ring that will accompany his couple on the magnificent adventure of marriage.


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