The 5 Coolest T-shirt Trends For Women

While it used to be an absolute no-go to wear a T-shirt as an upper part – after all, the T-shaped shirt was still part of underwear in the 19th century – today it is an integral part of the fashion world and our wardrobes. The classic reinvents itself every year, always with new prints, cuts and colors. We present the 5 most important t-shirt trends for summer here.

The classic (white) t-shirt

The classic white t-shirt is the perfect basic piece that always goes. It goes just as well with the elegant two-piece suit as with the jeans and can easily be upgraded with statement chains or XXL earrings. The combination with top or dungarees over the shirt is now also stylish. This year we mainly wear the white tea with a round neck instead of a V-neck and also in an oversized fit and with shoulder pads. The figure-hugging version made of a cotton-viscose blend remains trendy, too. And: The classic, plain-colored shirt does not necessarily have to be white this summer, pastel tones are also particularly popular.

Cropped shirts

Cropped shirts are the exact opposite of the XXL models with shoulder pads. The short T-shirts tend to be tighter, usually reach just above the belly button, and are also happy to come in a rib-knit look this summer:

Band-look t-shirts

T-shirts with a band print are mostly black, gray or anthracite, but have a more colorful print. This design concept remains the same this summer, fashionistas wear shirts that somehow resemble bands, up and down. The T-shirt motif does not even have to be a band logo, so there is at least no risk that you do not know the music group that you are carrying around on the shirt and embarrassed yourself when asked.

Band shirts generally have a rocking touch. That’s why it’s particularly cool to combine the trendy shirts in a style break with playful parts, such as a pleated skirt . Of course, the print shirts also go for the classic jeans shirt look with sneakers and leather jacket.

T-shirts with minimalistic prints

The striking band shirt look is too much for you? No problem, shirts with a slightly reduced design are also high on our shopping list this summer. The figure-hugging T-shirts usually have minimalist embroidery or an emblem-like print at chest height – the smaller the better. This gives the shirt a playful touch and provides a bit of variety between all the plain-colored shirts that we already have in our closets.┬áBy the way: Also popular this summer are (small) lettering on the T-shirt, with which a political statement is made, or label names.

Striped t-shirts

This trend shirt is probably in second place on the list of fashion classics, directly behind the white tea: the striped or striped shirt . The fashion evergreen with the uniform stripes is always a little reminiscent of a sailor’s outfit and is wearing its usual colors again this summer: red-white, blue-white or black and white.

And please forget the rule that horizontal stripes generally make you thick – on the contrary, with the right styling, the stripes can even be quite flattering. The only important thing is the fit of the shirt and the silhouette of your look. A shirt that is too tight worn over a pair of jeans may not be very advantageous, but if a loose striped shirt is put into the wide shorts or a skirt and the waist is emphasized, the whole thing looks very different again. So dare to go for stripes, because one thing is certain: every woman should have at least one striped shirt in her closet – and wear it too!

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