The 7 Brands That Are Trending For Shoes For A Guest Wedding

Being in the middle of the wedding season, surely you will already have chosen the dress model, as well as the makeup and hairstyle that you are going to wear, whether you are the guests or indeed the brides. Now also in Modaellas, we give you some tips to choose shoes for a wedding .

Choosing shoes for a wedding will not be very different from choosing them for any other type of event or celebration such as a christening or a 15-year party . But in the case that we are the bride, we can be guided by trends or in fact by models that are similar to the dress that we are going to wear.


  • The first thing we have to decide when buying wedding shoes, whether as a guest or as a bride, will be whether or not we want to be comfortable, since it is a long day and although we can choose many sandals or designs with heels We may end up with our feet crushed. Although many women, especially brides, opt for 11 or 12 cm shoes, it is better to choose a model that does not exceed 7 or 8 cm.
  • If we want the bridal or guest shoes not to hurt us at the time of the wedding, it is better that you have already bought them about 15 days before and that you start trying them on and wearing them for a few minutes at home. In this way you will be able to accustom your foot to its heel and you will not get a bad “surprise” on the day in question.
  • The shoes are better if we buy them together with the dress or in fact after we know the final design that we will wear, since it is better if we opt for a model that is similar or at least has similar tones.
  • On the other hand, if we choose to wear accessories (something that is better not to abuse) and we want these to combine the footwear, you must also make sure that it combines both in design and color.
  • As for shoe design, it is better to be guided by trends, although it should be remembered that if it is a summer wedding, it is better that you bet on sandals, and if it is a winter wedding, «peep- toe “or” stilettos “are a better option.


  • Bridal shoes : Bridal shoe trends tend to be repeated year after year since many are those who choose shoe designs, in sandals and with light tones that match their dress.
  • For this 2013 we can also add trends such as the use of strap sandals, which have returned with great force, and of course the one that includes some detail, be it bright or a flower for example.
  • Shoes for wedding guests : In the event that we are invited to the wedding, we can perhaps find a greater variety of designs, trends and models since, in fact, we can choose between the many party shoes that the firms present each season .
  • Pastel tones are the great trend in dresses this 2013, in the same way as those that wear a floral print, so we can choose shoes that have any of these details, or shoes that combine with our bag, or with the hat. (if we carry), such as gold, black or those that include diamonds.


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