The 8 Hype Sandals, In Case You’re Allowed To Go Outside In Summer 2020

summer 2020 will likely be different than any summer you’ve experienced so far. Goodbye picnic in the park, goodbye open-air rave, goodbye bathing at the lake. Nevertheless, you can do something good for your fashion heart by chilling out at home.

Let’s pretend everything is normal for a moment. Let us dream of vacations in Tuscany, southern Spain or on the west coast of Portugal, of mild summer evenings before the Sp├Ąti , of open-air cinema, of endless festival nights, Pride parades, of hanging around in front of cafes. Let’s dream about how we could spend our summer if everything were the same. Even if we all secretly know that this summer will be very different. Nobody will see your summer drip because you will wear it all by yourself in front of your mobile phone camera. Your roommates and your granny over Facetime will be the only ones admiring your style, but hey, isn’t that your main fan club anyway?

Corona will most likely thwart your summer plans , but you can still chill out in your room. The right footwear has definitely already been taken care of – here are the eight hottest summer sandals for your Corona summer 2020 .

1: From Crocs – for the theoretical flea market visit

Fisherman’s jacket crocs, brilliant. For these models, Crocs worked with the Japanese brand Beams. The “Cobra Buckle Sandals” and the “Fishing Vest Sandals” are provided with typical outdoor elements such as canvas and neoprene and cost around 60 euros. They should go on sale from the end of April.

2: From Nike – for the theoretical outdoor pool chilling

The “Asuna Slide” from Nike is chill and stylish at the same time. The size of the classic sandal can be adjusted laterally with a drawstring . The soft rubber sole makes the wearing comfort perfect. The bad news – the sandal for a good 40 euros is unfortunately already sold out. So there is only hope for a restock.

3: From Maison Margiela – for the theoretical Saturday morning brunch

Ever since Maison Margiela introduced the tabi boot , the fashion house has practically stood for the split toe. For the summer there is of course also the right Tabi summer shoe. Those who like it more rustic wear the tabi clog, and those who are more elegant wear the tabi sandal.

4: From Bottega Veneta – for the theoretical wine bar date

If you were to die for the nineties, this would be your 2020 sandal. Bottega Veneta’s shoe creation has a rectangular tip and a simple leather surface – and is perfect for a mild summer evening.

5: From Birkenstock – for the theoretical city walk

Suddenly, Birkenstocks look unusually un-eco. With the collaboration with fashion brand Proenza Schouler, Birkenstock is creating a model that looks more industrial than the usual Birkenstock. The model is available in six colors.

6: From Balenciaga – for the theoretical city break

In the typical Balenciaga look, these “Track.2” sandals are chunky , just look cool and are guaranteed to enhance your attitude immeasurably when worn. Velcro can almost only make Balenciaga cool.

7: By Off-White – for the theoretical picnic in the park

Is that about … colors? Unlike most shoe manufacturers, Off-White relies on bright colors for the “Navy & Pink Micro Trek Sandal” model and reinterprets your father’s hiking sandal – it looks pretty fresh. Also only costs 400 euros.

8: From Nike – for the theoretical festival rave

I’ve waited for these shoes all my life. For someone who wears sneakers rather than sandals, this shoe is like a gift of the rising sun . Feels like a sneaker, vibes like a sneaker and yet it’s a sandal. The “Air Max Koko” actually costs “only” 90 euros, but is unfortunately already sold out and is only available for 160 euros on second-party sites such as ” StockX


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