The Best Pants Alternatives To Jeans

Jeans alternatives for every look : Did you know that every woman has an average of ten pairs of jeans in the closet? This makes the jeans the undisputed winner in the wardrobe. Sure, the blue jeans are simply a classic – from work wear they have worked their way up to the office-compatible version and an infinite number of washes and colors provide variety for all possible looks. If the last few months have made one thing very clear to us: Jeans look cool, but at the same time they are the most uncomfortable pants – especially on long home office days. In addition, there are now many beautiful jeans alternatives for casual, elegant or casual outfits. Today I show you four favorites in trend.

Jeans alternatives: chinos The chinos became famous thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste or Gant – especially in elegant circles and loved by men. But in the meantime the beige trousers have made their way into high fashion and are one of the most important trousers trends this year. Chinos are characterized by a straight or slightly tapered cut, are made of light cotton fabrics and have pleats or darts indicated on the waistband. The preferred color is cream and beige tones, which makes the pants look elegant. In summer it goes well with white blouses, light knitted pullovers or a simple basic shirt.

Straight trousers Another jeans alternative and perfect for casual looks are wide-cut trousers. Most of them have a flexible elastic waistband and are made of flowing satin fabrics. They flatter the legs and are a real alternative to hard denim pants. Especially in summer, the light cloth pants with beautiful colors or extravagant prints are convincing – from flowers to abstract patterns to patchwork prints. To match this, the styling doesn’t need much more: a monotone top directs the focus entirely onto the special casual trousers.

Jeans alternatives: suit pants When it comes to office looks, suit pants are one of the fancier jeans alternatives. In spring and summer, they are allowed to pop in colors to distinguish them from the old school suit. Whether in pastel shades, green or yellow – the elegant trousers make a fashion statement in trendy colors. And so they can be combined in everyday life. With an oversize blouse or a spaghetti strap top made of silk, harmonious and summery looks can be created that are guaranteed to be more exciting than jeans 🙂

Track pants In addition to the jeans alternatives, there is a new fashion trend that we owe to the quarantine. Suddenly track pants or jogging pants have become suitable for everyday use. They are available in countless variations – from classic sports joggers to fine straight pants made of cashmere wool. They all have one thing in common: They are incredibly cozy and have a level of comfort that jeans simply cannot achieve. The new models fit well in the home office, but also work outside. With a matching sweater and sneakers a casual style is created, with a blazer you can easily update the track pants.

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