The Best Trends In Women’s Caps

The cap has become an essential fashion accessory that comes in several forms, styles, and materials. Here is our selection of the most beautiful women’s caps to be trendy at the moment . Women’s cap: a bit of history, The history of the women’s cap is inseparable from that of the men’s cap. It was in 1571 that everything started, when a law was promulgated in England to impose the wearing of a headgear for men and children over 6 years old on Sundays. Those who fail to comply with this law face a fine of 17 pence. Only the working classes are concerned: the cap will then become a symbol of the working class.

Later, military caps (such as kepi) and their derivatives will appear , to accompany work uniforms (security guard, railway worker, driver, porter, concierge, etc.). This is the 20 th century that the cap has dissociated work uniforms worn by schoolchildren and students, and soon the citizens attached to the campaign.

The most trendy cap shapes

The city cap : The city cap is the traditional cap. More a fashion accessory than a functional hat, it is now available in several shapes and styles. The newsboy cap appeared in the 19 th century. Named after the character of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, Gavroche, it has long been a symbol of revolt. This 8-sided cap has a rounded, rounded shape, and a short crescent-shaped visor. It is flexible, comfortable and timeless, which means that it is worn by both men and women, whatever the shape of the head!

The newsboy cap will be perfectly matched with a retro or casual look. It is worn slightly tilted on the side of the head. In summer, prefer a newsboy cap in linen, cotton or denim, and in winter, a newsboy cap in wool or leather.

Cuban (or army)

The military cap, also called Cuban cap or army cap, is a flat cap, with a short visor. It is one of the oldest cap models, but it has been modernized and is now trendy all over the world. The Cuban cap is mixed and will perfectly suit a casual look. You can also take advantage of its military side to match it with an army look. As it is one of the most popular forms of caps, it is found in different colors and materials, not just in camouflage fabric!

The sailor cap

The sailor cap is one of the most recognizable models, with its cord and short, rigid visor. Originally, this cap was used by the sailors, just as the army cap is the cap of military uniforms. Therefore, its main advantage is its robustness: even in rain and wind, it will not move! It is worn with a casual casual look.

The street wear cap: casual and trendy

Street wear caps, also called American caps, come in several shapes for a casual and trendy look. You can find lots of styles of caps for women at Headict, the specialist in the subject, with shapes and colors all the more beautiful than the others… and of course ultra trends!

New Era cap

New Era is an American brand of sports accessories renowned for the unique style of its women’s caps. There are several styles of streetwear cap: fitted (with sizes), trucker, curve or snapback. New Era caps are trendy baseball caps. Since the late 80s, this model is no longer confined to the baseball field and has become the most trendy brand, thanks to the possibility of adjusting it to the nearest centimeter, but also to its baseball connotation, the America’s favorite sport.

The flat visor cap

Among the flat visor caps, the best known are the fitted cap and the snapback cap. The fitted cap does not only exist at New Era. This type of women’s cap has popularized the cap because now everyone finds their size and can adjust their cap to the morphology of their face.

The snapback cap, like the fitted, is adjustable . There are therefore fewer sizes, but there is still always a cap at its size! This model of cap particularly spread among young people in the 80s and 90s, popularized by rap singers, with brands like New Era and Starter, and patterns often bearing the image of the largest American baseball teams. (NY, LA, etc.)

The strapback cap

The strapback cap is derived from the snapback cap. Like the latter, it can be adjusted using a leather or fabric strap. This system allows an even more precise adjustment.

The net cap (or trucker)

The trucker cap is the most classic model of baseball cap . It is curved and has a curved and rigid visor. It is more vintage than the snapback cap. Today we find it a lot in its net version (with a net at the back of the cap) for an old school US look. The trucker cap is also ideal for matching with a casual look, with mom jeans for example and a small basic white top.

The visor

The visor is the favorite cap for athletes (tennis players, golfers, etc.) because it allows the head to breathe. In the United States, it is synonymous with social status and is worn by members of select sports clubs. Because it only has the visor, this cap protects the head less from the sun and it is for this reason that it is more of a fashion accessory than other women’s caps, for a sporty chic look .


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