The Biggest Mistakes When Buying A Bra: What To Look For

Many women buy the wrong bra size, but this can have unpleasant consequences. From unwanted rolls on the back to pain – we’ll show you why the bra doesn’t fit properly and what you can do about it. If it pinches and pinches and the bra is clearly visible under the shirt, you are probably wearing the wrong fit. And you’re not alone in this: a lot of women wear the wrong bra. An incorrectly fitting bra can even lead to health problems: back , head and neck pain are the result. Chest pain is also not uncommon. So that you don’t have to deal with these problems, we explain the biggest mistakes when buying a bra and what you should definitely pay attention to.

Mistake 1 The wrong underbust measurement

Many women wear a poorly fitting bra because they simply do not know their underbust measurement. The underbust is indicated as a number on the label. This is often referred to colloquially as ‘scope’. However, ‘underbust circumference’ is the correct name, because the body size of the chest also requires circumference. So if your bra says 70C, your underbust should be around 70cm.

How do you measure the underbust circumference?

To measure the underbust, you take a tape measure and stand up straight. Of course, at best you should be naked and, above all, not wear a bra . Place the measuring tape just below the base of your chest and breathe evenly. It is important that you do not pull in your stomach or hold your breath, as this could falsify your result. Try to be as relaxed as possible. Run the measuring tape around you once and put the end where you started to measure. This number is your underbust measurement in cm.

Tip: You should always fasten a new bra to the hooks that are attached to the outside of the underbust band. So you have something from your bra for a long time. If the bra becomes worn out over time, you can simply tighten it by fastening it to the nearest hook.

Between two sizes?

Your measurement result is between two bra sizes and you don’t know whether to choose 75 or 80? This is not a problem. For example, if your result is 78cm, you should round up to 80cm. If, on the other hand, you measure 77cm, it is best to choose a bra with a circumference of 75cm. If you round up and you have the feeling that it doesn’t fit properly, don’t be afraid to try the smaller size again. Sometimes you have to try it out a bit until you find the perfect fit.

What does an underbust that are too large do?

If you have chosen the underbust measurement too large, it can happen that the breast protrudes under the bra and the bra slips upwards. Then a good hold is not guaranteed. This can be very uncomfortable, especially when moving . In addition, the back of the bra can slide upwards. However, since the back of the bra provides support, it is extremely important to make sure that the back of your bra runs in a straight line.

Tip: To see whether the underbust circumference was chosen incorrectly, it is best to stand in front of a mirror and raise your arms. The bra should not slide up at the front and the back of the bra should not be higher than the underside of the front.

What does a too small underbust cause?

If you wear a bra with an underbust that is too small, it can cut extremely and create uncomfortable marks and pressure points. The prints are mainly visible on the back and sides. To check if the bra is applied too tight, you can with a finger the bra back slightly from the back to move away. You should still have a few centimeters of leeway.

Mistake 2 The wrong cup size

Many women wear the wrong cup size. This is also one of the most common mistakes when buying a bra. Explanation: The cup size is always given as a letter behind the underbust circumference.

What does a cup size that is too small

do? A lot of women have this problem: The breast bulges out of the top of the bra. This is particularly visible under tight-fitting shirts. On the one hand, this squeezes the chest heavily, on the other hand, it just doesn’t look nice if a bulge forms above the bra. The matching cups are therefore not only much more comfortable, but also important for a beautiful cleavage.

In addition, it can happen that the breast is dented by the temples because the cups are too small. The bar should also lie on the chest and not stick out. This is also a sign that the cup is too small..

Mistake 3 The bra straps are incorrectly adjusted

Do you know that? Your bra straps keep slipping off your shoulders and it really annoys you that you have to pull them up again and again. Or is it exactly the other way around and your bra straps cut in extremely? Most of the time it’s just a matter of attitude. With the small slider, which is usually located on the back of the carrier, you can adjust the carrier length.

Women with large breasts in particular often have the problem that the straps cut deeply. But that too is usually associated with a fallacy. Because many think the straps should be stretched tightly so that the chest is lifted. But the porters should only take on about 20 percent of the hold. The underband should be responsible for most of the hold.

Not found the right size

Sometimes it unfortunately happens both in the store and when shopping online: You have chosen a beautiful bra, but it is no longer available in the right size. You can easily remedy.

this with this trick : For example, if you wear a 75B, you simply choose a C-cup with a circumference of 70cm. However, if the B-cup is too big, you can also use an A-cup. Then you should choose 80cm as the circumference. This is of course possible with any cup size. For example, if you need 75C, you can either go for a 70D or 80B bra. Just give it a try. Tip: This is of course possible with any cup size. For example, if you need 75C, you can either go for a 70D or 80B bra. Just give it a try. Check your bra size every now and then because a lot

Check your bra size every now and then, because many women gain or lose a lot of breast weight even with slight weight fluctuations. The bra size can therefore vary quickly. So always have your tape measure ready in case you gain or lose weight. Women gain or lose significant breast weight even with slight weight fluctuations . The bra can vary quickly. So your measuring tape hold always ready if you greatly increase or decrease should.


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