The Biggest Sunglasses Trends Of 2020

The temperatures are rising and so is the desire for cool and summery accessories. One of our favorites? Sunglasses ! Round, angular, with visor screen or classic pilot shape? Today I’ll tell you the biggest sunglasses trends of 2020 and I also have a few surprises in store. Because this year the 90s are a huge topic, so that one or the other of you may just have to dig into old boxes and dust off the glasses. So, here we go:

Visor sunglasses

One of the biggest and above all the latest sunglasses trends 2020 are Visor. You could see the trend (sometimes even with a cool umbrella with glasses) at the runway shows by Dior, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger. The glasses are characterized by their XL size and very angular shape. Another trend that takes us back to the 90s this year.

Square frame sunglasses

Not quite as fancy, but always somehow classy and elegant. This year, the square frame sunglasses are preferably to be found in dark glasses and with wide temples in the stores. Compared to many other models, this trend is not super new, which can, however, lead to the fact that we already have it at home and can carry it out with the first rays of the sun.

Round sunglasses

A classic! What was on our nostrils in 2017 remains a hit this year. Round sunglasses always look cool and a bit vintage. If you want to invest in a timeless model, buy one from Ray Ban. Everyone else will find an alternative with almost every brand. There are particularly crazy models at Gucci – of course.

Retro sunglasses

The 90s are back and of course do not stop at our sunglasses either. Retro sunglasses are characterized by colored glasses (preferably in yellow, orange or purple) and super thin (almost invisible) frames. If you want to put a portion of retro on top, buy a model with rhinestone stickers on the glasses. Well, childhood memories come up, right ?!

Pilot sunglasses

Heidi Klum made her signature sunglasses years ago, and for good reason. Pilot or aviator sunglasses are the evergreens among the shades and just always go. The best? They actually suit every face shape and give every look a portion of coolness. In 2020, aviator glasses with a super thin frame and slightly transparent lenses are a hit.

Transparent sunglasses frames & glasses

If you want it to be a bit more transparent, you can go for sunglasses with a transparent frame and transparent lenses in 2020. Models with glasses and frames of the same color are the trend here. Also welcome this summer: transparent sunglasses with glasses and frames in contrasting colors. Everything is allowed!

Heart shaped sunglasses

What should not be missing in the sunglasses range in 2020 ? Geometric shapes. Here you can go all out and rely on real eye-catchers for both the glasses and the nose pieces. Particularly popular for summer 2020 ? Playful and romantic heart-shaped sunglasses. But be careful: so that the look does not look like carnival and disguise, make sure to choose the rest of the look in a stylish but minimalistic way.

Slim mini sunglasses

The bigger the better? That was once! This year our sunglasses can come from the “Mini” and “XXS” categories. Because here again the 90s show their influence. Sunglasses with small and rather elongated / narrow lenses can be seen everywhere and are particularly popular with fashionistas around the world. Sunglasses with round mini glasses are also very high on the trend scale in 2018. It’s worth trying it out!

White sunglasses

White has been on the black list for a long time in the accessories area. Shoes, handbags and sunglasses in white were real shopkeepers for a very long time. That is finally over in 2018. I’m a big white fan anyway. I am therefore all the more pleased that, in addition to clothing, accessories in the beautiful summer color are finally becoming trendy. White sunglasses look best on lightly tanned skin.

Statement sunglasses

A little bit of gold and silver, a little bit of glitter. In 2020 , besides the timeless classics, sunglasses can really be worn. True to the motto “more is more” sunglasses with rhinestones, stones or other eye-catching elements are eye-catchers.


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