The Clog Is Back In Fashion: How To Wear It In Town In A More Chic Way?

With its folkloric aesthetic and old-fashioned charm long forgotten, the clog restores its image to make us succumb. Proof of the timelessness of this unparalleled shoe. Deemed impracticable for its heaviness, and its opening on the heel, then assigned in spite of himself to the countryside cloakroom, the shoe regains its stripe after a forced exile. A not so unexpected comeback , given the popularity of the seventies trend in recent seasons. An iconic shoe with a fascinating fashion background .


Imbued with nostalgia for the hippie movement , during which its shape was revised and corrected with more noble materials, the clog nevertheless draws its origins in the 15th century, between 1480 and 1520. In its early days, the hoof was a hollowed piece of wood into which the foot was fitted. In record time, this rigid shoe found its place in the rural areas of the time, notably in France, Flanders, the Western Alps and then in the Netherlands, before becoming the symbol of the Revolution.

After having crossed the centuries and the social classes, by shoeing the miners and the farmers, the shoe made its entry into the high society of the 20s, by dressing the most elegant women. A boom largely influenced by the New York brand LC Studios which presented in May 1926, a collection of “bathing suits”, accompanied by “sand clogs”. A stylistic twist, which the Women’s Wear Daily described as ” one of the most interesting innovations of the season “.


In the 1970s, designers in turn took over the shoe to reissue it in a more elegant, more couture way. At the start of the 90s, Chanel , under the leadership of Karl Lagerfeld, redraws the contours of the hoof. The same goes for Thierry Mugler, Gucci , but also Tom Ford and Dior , who also monopolized this shoe a few years later. In 2009, in full stylistic change, the clog was brought to light again thanks to the Italian house Miu Miu, which envisioned it as the leading accessory in its collection. Timid appearances followed, until in 2018, Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of the Dior house, brought a touch of modernity to this timeless shoe.


Since then, the clog has continued its stylistic ascent, as evidenced by the spring-summer 2021 collections , presented during the last Fashion Week . With a sleek look at Hermès , vermeil at Stella McCarteney , and intense black at Louis Vuitton , the clog wins its entry voucher to join the trends of the coming seasons. To walk the streets in style, the sizes of fashion never stop setting their sights on this shoe. The Spanish stylist Blanca Miró , the model Elsa Hosk, or the blogger Leandra Medine… All are responding to the call, to prove that the clog has its place in the street style playground .


In 2020, the clog is envisioned with ultra-fashionable pieces: vinyl pants , blazer with shoulder pads, slit skirt , oversized trench coat , leopard print coat … But also with modern accessories that will dust off the somewhat outdated look of clogs. We will therefore turn to sunglasses with dark lenses, a belt bag, a baguette bag, an extra large or thin belt and worn as a duplicate, or even an accumulation of gold and silver jewelry, just to bring an additional bling bling to the look.


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