The Elegance Of Indian Ethnic Fashion

Fashion in India is booming with new possibilities and opportunities in India. The rise of the fashion wave in India for more than a decade has given birth to many types of styles being rediscovered and reinvented by fashion. The face of fashion has totally changed thanks to the advent of internet shopping facilities. With the commencement of many shopping websites across all social media platforms people are getting to know about the different kinds of fashion in different regions. They are not only being appreciated by people of other regions but are also worn in different regions thus celebrating unity.

Rise of Ethnic fashion

One of the most prominent sectors in fashion which has gained a huge popularity with its region-based enthralling and mind-blowing collections is ethnic wear. Ethnic fashion has captured the attention of most of the netizens irrespective of their age. The reason- its collections and varieties. Ethnic wear offers almost every variety of clothing based on each region. For instance ethnic wear has sarees from down South, Muslin suits from Punjab and Chandigarh, bandhni sarees and suits from Gujarat, Rajputana collections from Rajasthan, Uppada fabrics from Andhra and so on.

The key factor

The above-mentioned factors made ethnic wear to be the most elegant among other clothing options. As stated earlier the online shopping websites have introduced the ethnic wear of all regions to the netizens thus allowing them to choose from a wide range of ethnic collection. One of the other reason ethnic fashion in India is at its peak is because of the elegance it provides. Elegance is the first and fore most factor any customer tends to look forward while searching for or purchasing an ethnic wear. This elegance can nowhere be found in other clothing segments.


Added with elegance is the type of fabric that is used in ethnic wear. Muslin, satin, velvet, georgette etc are some of the royal fabrics that makes ethnic wear look elegant. The softness of the fabric, the intricate work, the pastel color combo or the rich and bold colors, the weaving, the embroidery, attention to detail etc add more value and bring life to the ethnic wear. That being said the ethnic fashion is the essence of Indian fashion. One more important factor that adds elegance to ethnic wear is the color combo it offers for all varieties.

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Color options

Ethnic wear has many options to offer- sharara, garara, plazo suits, heavy party wear suits, designer plazo suits, bridal wear, festive wear, muslin kurtis, printed kurtis etc. All these come into life not just because of the fabric and the work but also because of the color combo being used. All these varieties use the minimal color option so that they do not dominate the fabric and the work. Most of these collections have very mild colors with not more than two colors. In case of ethnic sarees there are again many varieties like chiffon, benrasi, poly silk, satin, art silk, georgette etc.

The above-mentioned saree varieties are from different states of India which make their respective states unique. Every state brings out the best ethnic version in sarees. This what has made ethnic fashion in India the most demanding sector among others. The elegant looks it gives to turn your fashion statement into a distinctive one is unrivalled. They are the perfect choice for any occasion and add beauty and grace to your choice. In short ethnic wear offers one a wide range of choices with the finest of its collections which are hand spun, hand woven or hand stitched. Added to this is the elegance it offers due to the work, color, and the fabric texture.


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