The Great Guide To Layering Jewelry

A trend guide for jewelry layering : As you may know, I am an absolute jewelry lover and I really own some beautiful pieces. For me, accessories are the secret of a successful look. With chains, bracelets or rings , an outfit immediately looks better. What I personally like very much is jewelry layering . Today I tell you my tips for mixing and combining jewelry and what I pay attention to (so as not to look like a loaded Christmas tree

Jewelry layering – what is it actually?

Arm party, mix & match or jewelry layering: you hear about it again and again. This is the wild combination of several chains, bracelets or rings – with different styles and colors. The following applies: more is more. I especially like to mix necklaces and rings. And if you follow a few tricks, simple jewelry layering has a big impact!

Combine jewelry: gold, silver and rose gold?

It is probably THE question when it comes to mix & match of jewelry: Can you wear gold and silver and possibly rose gold together? I think it’s very clear. Do not be afraid of different precious metals. When it comes to layering jewelry, it is the mix that makes the difference. Everything that pleases is allowed in color – and should even be combined with one another for the perfect match.

Pretty & neat: organize & store jewelry

When I collect something, it is jewelry (besides bags and shoes). Rings, bracelets and chains are timeless and I wear jewelry every day and even when I sleep. Unfortunately, the order I created from time to time in my former little drawer never lasted for a long time, because I kept pulling something out, carrying something and then it ended up somewhere else. Who knows that too?

Then I went in search of storage options and now organize my jewelry in our Pax wardrobe from Ikea – with suitable modules. I am particularly enthusiastic about the ring and bangle sorting, because I think that it not only looks neat, but also incredibly beautiful <3 Here I have written down all my tips for my jewelry storage – with links to my jewelry boxes, jewelry cabinets and jewelry stands:

This is how stylish jewelry layering works

Mix & match with necklaces

The bathing season will soon be back and here one of the major jewelry trends fits perfectly: jewelry layering with necklaces. I think the bikini is combining different chains a highlight, because then the tanned summer neckline is especially beautiful emphasized (also fits great to summer dresses). These are my tips for stylish chain layering:

1. Put on different lengths
The essence of successfully combining necklaces is length. Two to three chains are optimal, all best choose in different lengths. On the one hand they don’t get tangled so easily and on the other hand each necklace can work for itself and as an overall look.

2. Select a key piece as the basis
For jewelry layering with chains, I mostly choose a base – an eye-catching chain that should be the key piece. For example, this could be a coin chain or the summer trend: a shell chain. Around it I choose a shorter and a longer chain that play around the statement piece. Filigree chains are particularly suitable here.

3. Set contrasts
Mix & match with necklaces works best with different styles and colors . A tight-fitting choker, for example, matches a long, delicate chain in gold. Then a chain with a pendant that goes to the collarbone and voilá – the successful mix of styles with necklaces is finished.

Jewelry layering with rings

Rings are incredibly versatile when it comes to layering jewelry. I have some rings in silver, gold or rose gold and mix them differently again and again – which also changes the effect of the individual rings again and again. You should consider this when combining rings:

1. How many rings on one hand?
To combine rings stylishly, I wear several on different fingers. Most of the time I tend to ring, middle and index fingers. What I also like: One ring on the index finger and two on the ring finger. Since there are mainly delicate rings with small details in my jewelry collection, you can layer them on several fingers so well.

2. Mix different styles
The same applies here: more is more. You can wear delicate rings with large rings or stick a ring with stone on each finger. If you wear a highlight ring, you can decorate the remaining fingers with simple rings. That would be a perfect everyday look. By the way, many of my simple rings that are ideal for layering are from Pandora .

3. Signet rings as star on the finger
The 2019 jewelry trends include signet rings. They are relatively striking and large due to their engraved plate or a colored stone and therefore make a good highlight on the middle finger. On the index and ring fingers, I would combine simple, single-color rings – also in combination with gold and silver.

Jewelry layering with clock

Even if you don’t really need a watch these days thanks to smartphones & Co., it is probably the most timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear. I also invested in a beautiful and timeless piece of Cartier last year. If you wear a watch every day, you can create variety in your look with jewelry layering . If you combine the jewelry around your wrist again and again, the watch will always shine in new splendor.

1. Combine bracelets with the watchAn arm party is created when you wear different pieces of jewelry on your wrist . Depending on the style, a simple bangle fits just as well as colorful boho bracelets to the watch. My tip: Have a look at your next vacation in the south on the market. Colorful bracelets or ribbons with shells are the most beautiful souvenir and always remind you of summer, sun and sea back at home. And create an exciting mix of styles for a noble watch.

2. Rings to the clock
Here I especially like the combination of different metals . If the watch is silver – combine golden rings. To a watch with a black leather strap: rose-colored rings. And if you have a modern smart watch, dare to wear rings that are more feminine.

Arm party – combine jewelery on the wrist

Bracelets and tires – or friendship bracelets , souvenir ribbons from vacation or gifts from loved ones – are often linked to a story for me. And as diverse as the meanings are, I also like the mix of jewelry layering with bracelets.

1. Variation with pearls and stones
I like to vary my simple, golden bangles, which always fit, with materials, stones and pearls. Pearl bracelets or tires set with diamonds can be layered depending on the occasion and the season. Now in summer you should definitely put on shell bracelets and colorful, braided boho ribbons made of yarn or leather . In the evening you can apply thick and combine large statement bangles.

2. Minimalist bracelet layering
If you prefer to decorate your wrist with filigree bracelets, you can also layer here. For example with three to five narrow arm chains . It is best to use bracelets in a similar style in one color, then you will get a reserved but still special look.

3. Create asymmetry
When it comes to layering jewelry, an asymmetry counts for me, which I always adhere to. I just lay bracelets on one side of my wrist . If you wear bracelets on the left, rings fit on the right or on both fingers. However, I would choose one side for jewelry on the wrist – the asymmetry then appears more casual and less intrusive.


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