The Leather Jacket Is So Simple And Chic To Wear

There is currently a lot of talk about longevity in fashion . It is obvious that these discussions make sense. After all, when buying a house, a car or a share, you should think twice about whether the investment is really worth it. A garment differs in monetary terms from building a house in most cases, but it involves countless hours of work, accurate craftsmanship, and (non-renewable) resources.

It makes sense from a sustainable point of view, the resulting durability with a timeless design to connect that never loses its value due to its diverse styling options. A classic. It is not necessary to emphasize again that a leather jacket has been fulfilling these properties for years. However, the contemporary reinterpretations of the jacket trend and current outfit ideas are. Because they are so interesting this spring that they increase the (emotional) value of the leather jacket again by one level.

1. Leather Jacket With A Skirt

Although the leather jacket has already made a few rounds in the wardrobes of all decades and subcultures, it is usually associated with a rocky and particularly casual image. There is basically nothing wrong with that, because the boxy-cut leather jacket originally had its origins among pilots, police officers and motorcyclists, until it finally gained its cult status for one through rock and pop cultures and films such as “Dirty Dancing” or “Grease” incomparable coolness. That this has changed for the better or worse can also be seen in modern styling interpretations of rock.

The leather jacket in an outfit like at Versace losesnot her sovereign manner, but the overall look is complemented by the feminine touch of the skirt. The French fashion label Hermès also interprets its traditions of leatherworking in the spring / summer season 2020 in a contemporary and convincing way: The clear cuts of the leather ensemble of jacket and skirt to the flat shoes looks so self-confident precisely because of its restraint that it works with the best Prospects will last for a variety of seasons (and decades).

2. Leather Jacket With Belt

An accessory can often be compared in an outfit with the secret ingredient of a recipe. It would work quite well without it. But in most cases that certain something provides exactly that individual touch that ultimately matters. When it comes to styling the jacket trend, this icing on the cake doesn’t actually require too much effort. Labels such as Ermanno Scervino illustrate the stylish effect of a belt. The focus on the waist and the knee-length skirt give the silhouette a feminine shape and the trend look with a leather jacket looks as proud as it is elegant. Donatella Versace shows the combination of the belt and the leather blazer, which in this case is converted into a mini dress. So the overall look of leather jacket with belt stands for confident sexiness,

3. Leather Jacket With Loose Pants

The leather jacket is definitely suitable for everyday use as a fashion trend and classic. It protects against wind and weather and harmonizes with a casual denim blouse combination just as well as it acts as a stylish contrast to the elegant business look. The latter in particular is experiencing a new upswing this season. For example, Tod’s combined a bomber-style leather jacket with loosely cut Bermuda shorts and flat patent leather loafers. Nanushka again showed the trend look with a leather jacket as vegan Leather combination of blazer and shorts. On the other hand, Hermès inspired the styling of the trend jacket with long trousers.

In view of the numerous implementation options and the durability of the leather jacket, it is therefore conceivable that a real investment is worthwhile. Maybe even in a vintage jacket, the historical value of which is also important. And if you prefer to rely on the good, familiar leather jacket from your own wardrobe, then thinking about a few new trend stylings is definitely not a waste.


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