The Main Handbag Trends

Handbags – the best accessory from us women! In 2018 there are of course some pretty handbag trends that should not be missing in any good collection. The best? We may not have to buy countless new handbags as some familiar faces made it into the 2018 handbag trends. In this blog post, I will tell you which handbag models you can take from 2017 and which may have to move in completely new from you, Here are the most important handbag trends for 2018.

The classic handbags

There are a few handbag models on the market that defy every trend. Why? Because they are always trendy and worn. No matter what time of year, no matter what occasion. The following three handbag trends have no expiry date because they are real classics. So far we women have also loved the bucket bag (also known as the bucket bag) because of its spacious and practical size. And it has also been on the catwalks for several seasons in all colors and materials. The model will remain with us in 2018, but will come in a mini version this year.

The Mini Bucket Bag is now conquering the Olymp handbags and ensures that we will hopefully no longer carry as much stuff with us and that it can also be worn ideally in the evening with chic dresses or elegant trouser suits;) Fendi, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Acne.

Red handbags

Always an eye catcher: red handbags. Admittedly, it took me a while to leave the signal color in my closet and closet. I have not regretted it until today! Red is the ideal color to bring a little bit of pep into the game, especially with rather monotonous and dark looks. Meanwhile I have three red bags and I love to carry them all. You can see one of the models below. Also in 2018, red handbags are indispensable and are welcome to be worn by us a lot 🙂 Classics.

Fringed pockets

Fringes are a huge topic not only on clothing, but also on bags. The bohemian look is one of the most popular when it comes to casual and light style. So far, the fringes on pockets have always appeared discreetly on the hems. In 2018, fringes are significantly more present and hang completely, covering the handbags. Fringe overload, so to speak. Clavin Klein, Alexander Wang and Loewe demonstrated it on the catwalks.

The trend handbags from 2017

As already indicated above, some handbag trends from 2017 are still portable and absolutely hip in 2018. These include the following 4 models:
Elongated clutch pockets

So far, clutch bags have been the best choice when it comes to elegant and chic evening events and the right wardrobe. The clutch is still a trend handbag in 2018, but is getting longer. Designers like Jil Sander or Miu Miu showed noble models in a minimalist and high-quality style. The good? The long version of the clutch bag finally fits more. And yet: I personally found clutch bags always not very attractive. This is partly because I like to have my hands free. Let’s see if I can make friends with the casual and bigger version in 2018.

Maxi shopper

The XXL shopper is the complete opposite of a clutch handbag. These were also popular in 2017 and, like the bucket bag, were very popular due to their size and practicality. If they mostly appeared in high-quality, soft leather in 2017, the 2018 Maxi Shoppers are made of everyday canvas, bast or cotton. I do not currently own such a fabric model, but I will definitely consider buying it

Fanny packs

Yeah, this handbag trend 2018 is two thumbs up from me. Those who regularly follow my blog and my looks will know that I have been a big fan of fanny packs for a good two years now. I now have many different models, all of which I wear regularly and in various combinations. They give every look a sporty and cool touch. Designers like Gucci, Balenciaga or Alexander Wang go into extension with the belt bags and decorate them with fringes, rhinestones or logo prints for spring and summer 2018. The special? In 2018, the belly bag will no longer only be worn around the waist, but will be laid over the shoulder in a super casual and sporty manner – a kind of Crossbody Bag 2.0

Straw bags

If a bag screams “pure summer”, then it is straw bags. The playful bag models give every look a touch of vacation and lightness. The bags look particularly nice with white dresses, lace materials or tropical prints. Whether round, angular, elongated or small – straw bags come in all shapes.

The new handbag trends 2018

And then of course there are the newcomers. The 2018 handbag trends that have their big hours ahead of them. Bags models that were previously not so popular with the masses. Thanks to the great designers like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton or Fendi, this will change in 2018. What new handbag trend can we look forward to in 2018? Here we go:

Functional bags

As is so often the case, the devil is in the details. So it is in 2018 with the trend of practical handbags. No matter whether special functionality, extra compartments, robust material or an extremely large number of buckles – in 2018 handbags no longer just have to look pretty, they also have to serve a practical purpose. Namely, to make our everyday life and thus our life a little bit easier in some situations. The functional handbags were on display at Prada and Louis Vuitton, among others.

Transparent pockets

Hach yes, what can be seen on the catwalk at Chanel is becoming a trend. We all know that by now 🙂 So it’s clear that Karl’s transparent handbags are also absolutely popular in spring and summer 2018. Practical that plastic and transparency are also a huge topic in the clothing sector. So 2018 will be the year of the revelations – the days are gone when you could throw everything into your handbags indiscriminately and the inside looked like a small battlefield. If you want to join the transparent handbag trend 2018, you should rather fill your bag according to the motto “less is more”.

Bags with logo printing

Understatement? Oh nonsense! What the Balenciaga logo scarf was in winter 2017 is the designer logo handbags in spring and summer 2018. Everyone can see in 2018 that the fashion houses are proud of their name. Handbags with logo printing are the mega hype and ensure that we customers run a little more extra advertising;) But in most cases this is also very pretty to look at <3

Bags with shoulder strap

Admittedly, this bag trend is not completely new to me personally. Last year I was already a big fan of the bag straps and gave all of my bag models a small upgrade. In 2018, the trend has now arrived on a large scale and was seen by Dior, Chloé and of course Aigner. I love the trend because it’s super practical, super beautiful and super versatile.


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