The Most Beautiful Festive Accessories And Jewelry For Everyday Wear

Hair accessories to bags: festive accessories for shopping : The Festive Season has officially started and that means: Glitter, Sparkle & Party! Christmas parties and winter parties are scheduled for the coming weeks before the highlight of the party season takes place on New Year’s Eve. For all occasions, fashion is all about celebratory styling and details. For them, we can rely on bags, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry and belts in the run-up to Christmas – festive accessories that give every look that certain something. I picked out the most beautiful, chic accessories from under 20 euros to over 200 euros today, Happy Shopping!

Party Bags & Clutches

How often does it happen that we women leave the house without a bag? Probably not. This makes festive accessories all the more important for elegant looks. A clutch is always a good choice, but even small mini bags with chain hardware or shimmering details are festive.

Festive hair accessories

It is the trend of the hour and no fashion season fits this fashion trend better than the Festive Season. We are talking about hair jewelry of all kinds: from hair clips to elegant leather scrunchies to hair bands – they are a must for festive accessories.

Elegant belt

Belts are also an easy option for elegant styling. Simple looks can be upgraded immediately and the belt can also be casually combined in everyday life. Waist belts, which emphasize the silhouette and add even more elegance to the little black dress, are suitable for party looks or winter styling.

Party heels

A few centimeters larger and the legs look longer and the festive looks are even more elegant. With high shoes you can get a big effect pretty quickly. The trend is, for example, leather ankle boots in cream or bordeaux tones. Mediators are timeless heels in black. Mules are also a classic for parties & Co.

Diamonds are a girls best friend

What would an elegant outfit be without jewelry? For me an absolute must-have in everyday life and in the evening for events it can sometimes be more extravagant. Large glitter earrings are particularly suitable here. Rings also always look elegant and special. A nicely cut neckline can be emphasized with chains.

Beautiful jewelry for you or as a gift

Jewelry is one of the most beautiful gifts for me – and not just from others. With rings, chains or bracelets you can also give yourself very well 🙂 It does not matter the price, because jewelry has something very timeless and is often charged with an ideal value. That is why I have been collecting jewelry for years and combine it again and again. The basis for this is simple and delicate everyday jewelry that I wear in jewelry layering. Here I have published a guide for you. Today there are a few beautiful pieces of jewelry that work very well in everyday life and as a gift.

What distinguishes jewelry for everyday life?

I never leave the house without jewelry. I wear some bangles and bracelets and my necklace day and night. In the morning I then choose rings and / or earrings to match my outfit. I usually wear earrings for special occasions because they have a big effect on me. What I find very nice for everyday life are small, golden creoles 🙂
Jewelry for everyday life is characterized by its flexibility – rings, earrings, etc. should match any outfit, not be too extravagant but give the look the finishing touch. This applies to me especially for rings – you can wear them on different fingers and also combine them on top of each other. Gold, silver or rose gold? I like it in the mix. For some time now, however, I have been using gold frequently because the color harmonizes well with my looks and looks warmer than silver.

Timelessly beautiful jewelry trends 2019/2020

When it comes to accessories, there is nothing that cannot be done. The filigree pieces of jewelry of recent years are still there and are always well received as a gift. This season, however, there is another trend: Link chains – from narrow to chunky – are also used as statement pieces in everyday life. However, they have the potential to become a classic.

The same applies to creoles, which have been back for several seasons, but in different designs. The new creoles are generally a bit thicker and often have refined details. Since they do not have a diameter of ten centimeters (who remembers the giant creoles from earlier?), But are smaller, they are perfect for every day.
As a gift, I think it’s nice to choose something that the recipient would not necessarily buy for themselves. I am thinking, for example, of extravagant party earrings that make every outfit special.


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