The Most Beautiful Looks For Little Women

For a long time it seemed that summer was not going to end. Warm temperatures and sunshine deep into October almost made us forget that there is anything like autumn and winter. Who likes to think of warm clothes? In any case, we have avoided thick tights for as long as possible – and our fine summer blouses had more outings this year than ever before.

Now that we have changed our clocks and the winter time has officially started, however, it means: Bring the warm things! But this poses a fashionable challenge for small women in particular. The often voluminous and long garments just seem to always be made for taller women. In KLINGEL magazine, we are now devoting ourselves to the fashion trends for small women and telling you what you should pay attention to when styling and how you can even gain a few centimetres visually.

Fashionable miracle cure: vertical stripes and V-necklines

If you want to look taller than you are, you should choose clothing that signals the length. For example, pants, skirts or tops with vertical stripes. When worn correctly, they visually stretch their wearer. Small, rather narrow women should make sure that the stripes are not too wide. Female curves, however, also tolerate block strips. Important: To stretch visually, the vertical stripes must be long enough. In the case of tops, you should at best use models that go over your hips – such as the fashionable long blouse by »Laura Kent . Incidentally, the same effect is achieved with »V-necklines . By showing part of the cleavage, they visually lengthen your neck and thus your overall appearance.

Skirts, trousers and Co. – the right length makes it!

A challenge for small women when shopping: Many items of clothing are simply too long. But let’s get one thing right: long clothing, such as a »maxi skirt , is therefore by no means taboo for you. However, it depends on the right “long”. A rule of thumb: Skirts and pants should never be so long that you step on the hem while running. Fortunately, clothes for short women have long been available in short sizes – of course also at KLINGEL! How do you find the slim-fit jeans in 5-pocket form by Laura Kent, for example? And for an elegant autumn look, we recommend the chic, plum-colored trousers with a suede look, also from Laura Kent.

Fashion for small women: creating clear contours

We have already indicated: Small women in particular should make sure that they are not lost in their clothing. You should avoid oversized sweaters or coats as well as long and loose skirts or trousers. A simple trick to shine with your outfit: create clear contours and show your figure! This works wonderfully with figure-hugging items of clothing, because similar to the vertical stripes you achieve an optical stretch. Important: striking patterns, too many colors or horizontal seams reduce this effect. With knitted sweaters, for example, you should pay attention to patterns that run from top to bottom.

Opposites attract: the fashion mix of long and short

As the saying goes: “Small but nice!” We unreservedly agree, but a bit of cheating is still allowed, right? And that’s not that difficult: Just put on pants or skirts with a high waist, because these make your legs look longer. To fully exploit this effect, you must not cover the gained centimeters with a top. You should therefore combine short sweaters and jackets with high-cut trousers. The trend, for example, is cool »biker jackets , in rich berry colors to match the autumn. You don’t like short-cut tops? Then we have a great tip: Just put your sweater or blouse in the waistband to achieve the same effect!

The golden rule for little women: paragraph, paragraph, paragraph!

Not only visually, but very real can be gained by a few centimeters in height with heel shoes. Which type of paragraph you choose is up to you. Modern this year: platform shoes. And not just in the chic variant. Sneakers and sneakers with platform sole are also a real hit! If you like it a bit more elegant, we recommend ankle boots with block heels for the cold season. They keep the feet comfortably warm and, thanks to the tread sole, ensure a secure grip even on slippery surfaces.
Now it’s your turn: Show that even small women in the new fall fashion can make a big appearance! Do you have any other tips ready? Then feel free to write us a comment.


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