The Most Important Handbag Trends

What is the lipstick or nail polish of luxury labels such as Chanel or Dior for some women is a handbag for others, the best companion for a woman. But what can we expect next season? How do the shapes, colors and materials of handbags change? And which designs are really still trendy? That’s exactly what it’s about today. Here are the handbags trends 2019 – and where we can already buy them.

Bags made of natural materials

From the end of January, this longing for warmer temperatures and the first rays of sun is slowly increasing in each of us. Some may even be thinking about summer vacation. This bag trend comes as a must: natural materials such as bast, jute or flax sweeten the spring with light, airy bag models.

Crocodile pattern pockets

We say goodbye to tweed, cord and velvet in spring for an indefinite period. Instead, crocodile leather is now conquering our handbags. Some luxury labels still use real reptile leather, but many only use embossed cowhide or even imitation leather with a crocodile look.

Animal print handbags

First it was the leopard print that enveloped us from head to toe. And then came snakeskin. Animal print allover was suddenly no longer a problem. Even in combination with powerful fake fur coats and glitter earrings. A little wild, a little over it, but kind of cool. 2019 will be a little quieter again. Animal print remains. At least when it comes to handbags. Whether as a bucket bag, as a crossbody or a belly bag. All variations are allowed.

Mini bags

So small that the iPhone X may not fit in at all, but it is extremely cool: Mini bags will also become an important trend in 2019. And, if you have to take a little more with you, just grab two. After all, double lasts better.

Suitcase bags

By the way, the lust for travel also has another bag trend that awaits us in spring: Köfferchen. Handbags that look like little make-up cases or briefcases that recall the beginnings and identity of Louis Vuitton.

Bucket bag / handbag bag

Almost a classic, but still versatile, bucket bags. In the new season, i.e. in spring, we see them again less crunchy and more plastic. The original bucket shape is again in focus.

Shopper bags

Lots of storage space for everything a woman needs all day long. You could characterize the Shoppen Bag like this. The large handbag is making its official comeback in 2019. To be honest I’m still divided because I always fill shopper bags up to the top and my half arm falls off during the day. Fortunately, I bought a Celine Phantom Bag (see picture) this year, so I am already well equipped. Here are a few of my favorite models from the shops

Vintage handbags

Vintage and second hand is back! Sustainability and conscious consumption currently play a greater role in fashion than it has for a long time. As a result, purchases of vintage purchases are increasing again. I personally am a big fan of buying used and second-hand bags. Not only that you can make real bargains here. You also give the pieces a second life and every now and then you have something in your closet that not every second person wears. Particularly popular models at the moment? Fendi, Gucci and Dior.

Sports bag

Do you remember when, as a child, you always wanted to have the right gym bag for your satchel? One with a drawstring and horse motif. In teenage years, the gymnastics bag was then exchanged for a “cooler” bag. For us in the north it was a Hüpferli sea bag. The sports bag had been gone for a good ten years now. In 2019 it is again and a good alternative to a backpack. Even the designers recognized this and sent the once childlike sports bag over the catwalk. And what’s new Sports bags get a noble upgrade, because next year they will be available in velvet or leather.

PVC bags

We would never have thought that unpopular plastic would be carried through the area as a handbag. But now it really is, because PVC bags are also a mega trend in spring.


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